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You have well-trained, knowledgeable and empathetic instructors delivering your courses. They all deliver their courses with enthusiasm and every student is important and more important, every student is able to use the knowledge gained from your courses because your instructors care, were willing to answer many questions and made it an inter-active training session.
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1. Title

  • Design Patterns and Refactoring: Mastering OO (NFDPAT, 4 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Extensive experience in Object Oriented Programming using either C# or VB .NET

3. Target Audience

  • Experienced .NET Developpers

4. Dates and Pricing

2 People for Guaranteed Live or Virtual Delivery $2,775.00 per person

5. Outline

Module 1: Object Oriented Design with Uml|

Topic 1: The Happy Video Store

Topic 2: Parameterized Classes and Patterns

Topic 3: Sequence Diagrams

Topic 4: Statechart Diagrams

Topic 5: Activity Diagrams

Topic 6: Proper Coding Practices

Topic 7: What Makes Good Software

Topic 8: Going From Analysis To Design

Topic 9: Object Re-use

Topic 10: Applying Design Patterns

Topic 11: Uml Class Notation

Topic 12: Generalization

Topic 13: Aggregation and Composition

Topic 14: Collection Classes

Module 2: /|The Refactoring Process|

Topic 1: The Refactoring Process

Topic 2: Data Clumps

Topic 3: Primitive Obsession

Topic 4: Switch Statements

Topic 5: Lazy Class

Topic 6: Speculative Generality

Topic 7: Temporary Field

Topic 8: Message Chains

Topic 9: Middle Man

Topic 10: Inappropriate Intimacy

Topic 11: Alternative Classes with Different Interfaces

Topic 12: Code Smells Overview

Topic 13: Data Classes

Topic 14: Refused Bequest

Topic 15: Comments

Topic 16: Refactoring the Shapes Application

Topic 17: Duplicated Code

Topic 18: Long Method

Topic 19: Large Class

Topic 20: Long Parameter List

Topic 21: Divergent Change

Topic 22: Shotgun Surgery

Topic 23: Feature Envy

Module 3: /Creational Design Patterns|

Topic 1: About Object Creation

Topic 2: Abstract Factory

Topic 3: Singleton

Topic 4: Client Code Review

Topic 5: Builder

Topic 6: Prototype

Topic 7: Refactoring Considerations

Module 4: / Structural Patterns|

Topic 1: About Object Structure

Topic 2: Adapter

Topic 3: Bridge

Topic 4: Composite

Topic 5: Façade

Topic 6: Other Patterns

Topic 7: Refactoring Considerations

Module 5: /|Behavioural Patterns|

Topic 1: About Object Behaviour

Topic 2: Command

Topic 3: Observer

Topic 4: Strategy

Topic 5: Visitor

Topic 6: Other Patterns

Topic 7: Refactoring Considerations

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