Mastering Object Oriented Programming with VB .NET
(NFIVB, Live Instructor-Led Training, 4 days)


This SETC Certified course introduces programmers to the essentials of object oriented design and implementation using VB .NET. A brief review of the fundamental elements of the VB .NET language is followed by an introduction to the world of object oriented programming. The course continues with an introduction to the design techniques that are associated with an object oriented approach. The focus then switches to implementation and to the development of classes using VB .NET. The topics of objects, inheritance, polymorphism, abstract classes, constructors and destructors are covered in detail. The course concludes with a detailed look at collection classes, generics, files and streams as well as serialization and security.

Dates and Pricing

Jan 9 to Jan 12, 2018$2,500/person Feb 6 to Feb 9, 2018$2,500/person Mar 6 to Mar 9, 2018$2,500/person


The .NET Framework
.NET Framework Versions and Capabilities
The Anatomy of a .NET Application: From Data to GUI
Exploring Assemblies and Namespaces
Why Object Oriented Programming is Critical to your Efforts!
The Visual Studio .NET Environment
The .NET Answer
The Rational Unified Process
RUP Overview
About Functional Requirements
About Non-Functional Requirements
Creating Classes
Using Classes
Creating Classes
Class Properties
Object Methods
Static Data
Performance Overview
Inheritance and Polymorphism
Inheritance and Constructors
Abstract Functions and Classes
Working with Interfaces
Working with Objects
Object Operators
Exception Handling
Working with Generics
About Serialization
File IO
Operator Overloading
Building a Data Access Layer
ADO .NET Overview
Making a Database Connection
Using SqlDataReader for Connected Access
Providing Client Side Data using DataSet
Updating the Database
LINQ for SQL Overview
About Using MEL
Building a GUI
Choosing an Interface Type: Windows or Web?
Building the Web Form
Adding Basic Controls
Implementing Behaviour with Event Handlers
Validating Data
Using Master Pages
Using Themes
About State Management
A Note on ASP .NET MVC
XML Web Services
XML Web Service Architecture
Creating a Web Service
Creating a Web Service Client
About Object Marshalling from Service to Client
About Application Configuration Files
Private versus Public DLLs
Creating an MSI Package
Deploying the Application