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1. Title

  • Creating Secure .NET Applications (NFSEC, 4 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Extensive experience in Object Oriented Programming using either C# or VB .NET

3. Target Audience

  • Experienced .NET Developpers

4. Dates and Pricing

Oct 2 to Oct 6, 2017$2,775.00/person

5. Outline

Module 1: Security Basics

Topic 1: The Technology of Security

Topic 2: Java Security Models

Topic 3: Authorization Vs Authentication

Topic 4: Cryptography

Topic 5: Corporate Security Infra-structure

Module 2: Security Essentials

Topic 1: Protecting the Content: Encryption

Topic 2: S/mime and Openpgp

Topic 3: Transport Layer Security (tls

Topic 4: SSL

Topic 5: The Message Digest

Topic 6: Digital Signatures

Topic 7: Certificates

Topic 8: The Microsoft Certificate Store

Topic 9: The Java Certificate Store

Topic 10: Symmetric Key Algorithms

Topic 11: Password Based Encryption

Module 3: NET Code Security

Topic 1: Overview

Topic 2: Designing Secure Classes

Topic 3: Securing Classes

Topic 4: Using Serialization

Topic 5: Securing Packages

Topic 6: File Io

Topic 7: Privileged Code

Module 4: .NET Security

Topic 1: Overview

Topic 2: Permission Sets and Code Groups

Topic 3: Using Code Access Security

Topic 4: .NET Security Classes

Topic 5: Permissions

Module 5: Encryption

Topic 1: Overview

Topic 2: Symmetric Vs Asymmetric Encryption

Topic 3: Authentication Methods

Topic 4: .NET Cryptography

Topic 5: .NET Framework Security

Module 6: Symmetric Encryption

Topic 1: Overview

Topic 2: Password Based Encryption

Topic 3: Keys

Topic 4: Padding

Topic 5: Cipher-streams

Module 7: Asymmetric Encryption

Topic 1: Overview

Topic 2: Keys, Padding and Modes

Topic 3: Session Key Encryption

Topic 4: File Encryption with Rsa

Topic 5: Key Agreement

Module 8: Message Security

Topic 1: Overview

Topic 2: Message Digests

Topic 3: Digital Signatures

Topic 4: Certificates

Module 9: Securing Resources

Topic 1: Securing ASP .NET

Topic 2: Securing XML Web Services

Topic 3: Securing a Database

Topic 4: Other Security Considerations

Module 10: Common Hacks

Topic 1: Scanning Ports

Topic 2: Session Hijacking

Topic 3: Impersonation

Topic 4: Cross Site Scripting

Topic 5: SQL Injection

Topic 6: Other Hacks

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