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Oracle Training

Course has been tailored to our needs. We are learning what we need for everyday work.
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1. Title

  • Oracle Core Administration Skills (ORCORE, 5 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Previous database administration experience in a UNIX environment

3. Target Audience

  • Database Professionals wishing to implement an Oracle database environment

4. Dates and Pricing

2 People for Guaranteed Live or Virtual Delivery $2,775.00 per person

5. Outline

Module 1: Oracle Introduction

Topic 1: Overview of the Architecture

Topic 2: The Pieces of the Puzzle: The Server Products

Topic 3: Overview of Administration Tasks

Topic 4: Command Line Administration Tools

Topic 5: Graphical Administration Tools

Module 2: Installing Oracle Server

Topic 1: Planning for an Installation

Topic 2: Configuring the Operating System

Topic 3: Installing Oracle Server

Topic 4: Monitoring and Tuning

Module 3: Web Cache Administration

Topic 1: What is Caching?

Topic 2: Load Balancing

Topic 3: Invalidation

Topic 4: Managing the Web Cache

Topic 5: Thw Webcachectl Utility

Module 4: J2EE and Oracle Server

Topic 1: J2EE Architecture

Topic 2: The J2EE and Oracle Collaboration

Topic 3: J2EE Components

Topic 4: Oracle Containers for J2EE

Topic 5: Deploying Applications

Module 5: Database Connections

Topic 1: About Persistence and JDBC

Topic 2: JDBC Driver Types and Oracle

Topic 3: JNDI and DataSources

Topic 4: About BMP and CMP Entity Beans

Topic 5: SQLJ

Topic 6: About TopLink

Module 6: High Availability

Topic 1: Fault Tolerance versus High Availability

Topic 2: The Need for High Availability

Topic 3: N-Tier Architectures and High Availability

Topic 4: Rolling Upgrades

Topic 5: OC4J High Availability Features

Topic 6: Transparent Application Failover

Module 7: Performance Tuning

Topic 1: Proactive versus Reactive: The Path to Performance

Topic 2: Preparing for Monitoring

Topic 3: Forms Server Monitoring

Topic 4: HTTP Server Monitoring

Topic 5: Monitoring Oracle Instances

Topic 6: Monitoring the Web Cache

Topic 7: About Load Balancing

Module 8: Backup and Recovery

Topic 1: The Need for Backup

Topic 2: Backup Types

Topic 3: Planning a Backup Strategy

Topic 4: Backing up an Application Server

Topic 5: Protecting the Metadata Repository

Module 9: Oracle Security

Topic 1: WebCache Security

Topic 2: HTTP Server Security

Topic 3: OC4J Security

Topic 4: Oracle Identity Management

Module 10: Reviewing the ChoquetteTech Sales Database

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