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The course was very helpful for my career. It opened up my eyes on how the web has evolved. I would recommend this course to my colleagues.
Comment from Canada Revenue Agency

1. Title

  • Building a Data Warehouse with Oracle (ORWARE, 5 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Previous experience in an Oracle database environment

3. Target Audience

  • Oracle professionals who want to design and build a data warehouse in Oracle server.

4. Dates and Pricing

2 People for Guaranteed Live or Virtual Delivery $2,775.00 per person

5. Outline

Module 1: Data Warehousing

Topic 1: What is a Data Warehouse?

Topic 2: Oracle Data Warehouse Features

Topic 3: Challenges of Building a Data Warehouse

Topic 4: Essential Data Warehouse Concepts

Topic 5: Data Warehouse versus Data Mart

Topic 6: Where is Data Warehouse Going?

Topic 7: About the Oracle Warehouse Builder

Module 2: Designing a Data Warehouse

Topic 1: About Dimensional Modeling

Topic 2: Dimension Tables and Fact Tables

Topic 3: Warehouse Keys

Topic 4: Data Warehouses and Normalization

Topic 5: Management and Performance Considerations

Module 3: Implementing the Data Warehouse

Topic 1: The Topology of the Design

Topic 2: The Database Configuration Assistant

Topic 3: Data Files, Tablespaces and Schemas

Topic 4: Creating the Fact and Dimension Tables

Topic 5: Indexing and Partitioning

Topic 6: Testing the Design

Module 4: Architecture

Topic 1: The Hardware Configuration

Topic 2: Hardware Components

Topic 3: Automatic Storage Management

Topic 4: File Management

Module 5: The Physical Design

Topic 1: Data Partitioning

Topic 2: Indexing

Topic 3: IOTs

Topic 4: Data Compression

Module 6: Loading Data

Topic 1: Extracting Data from the OLTP System

Topic 2: Transforming Data

Topic 3: Loading the Warehouse

Topic 4: Oracle Database Transformations

Topic 5: Postload Operations

Topic 6: Commonly Used Tools

Module 7: Querying

Topic 1: The Query Optimizer

Topic 2: Parallel Execution

Topic 3: Data Warehouse Specific SQL

Module 8: Summary Management

Topic 1: About Summary Tables

Topic 2: Planning the Physical Storage

Topic 3: Creating a Materialized View

Topic 4: Refreshing the Materialized View

Topic 5: Partitioning and Indexing

Topic 6: The EXPLAIN_MVIEW Utility

Module 9: Dimensions

Topic 1: About Dimensions

Topic 2: Creating a Dimension

Topic 3: Single and Multiple Hierarchies

Topic 4: Adding Attributes

Topic 5: Dimensions and Normalized Tables

Topic 6: Dimension Validation

Module 10: Query Rewrite

Topic 1: What is Query Rewrite

Topic 2: Overview of Rewrite Types

Topic 3: SQL Text Match

Topic 4: Join Back

Topic 5: Adding Aggregations

Topic 6: Filtered Data

Topic 7: Dimensions

Topic 8: Constraints

Topic 9: Integrity Modes

Topic 10: Partitioning Change Tracking

Topic 11: Advanced Query Rewrite Options

Module 11: Tuning Query Performance

Topic 1: Monitoring Performance

Topic 2: Advisor Central

Topic 3: SQL Access Advisor

Topic 4: SQL Tuning Advisor

Topic 5: Memory Advisor

Module 12: OLAP

Topic 1: Overview of Oracle OLAP

Topic 2: ROLAP and MOLAP

Topic 3: OLAP Architecture

Topic 4: Analytic Workspaces

Topic 5: The OLAP Catalog

Topic 6: The Analytic Workspace Manager

Topic 7: Querying Analytic Workspaces

Module 13: Oracle Data Mining

Topic 1: Overview of Oracle Data Mining

Topic 2: Association Rules

Topic 3: Clustering

Topic 4: Feature Extraction

Topic 5: Classification

Topic 6: Regression

Topic 7: The PMML Standard

Module 14: Final Case Study : The ChoquetteTech Data Warehouse

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