A Practical Approach to Change Management: Making it Happen
(PCHANG, Live Instructor-Led Training, 1 days)


The effectiveness and efficiency of the change management process in an organization is a primary determinant of its agility and responsiveness. Good change management allows an organization to effectively respond to internal and external changes. This SETC learning event will introduce participants to the tangible and intangible elements of good change management. In the modern world, change is inevitable. Good managers anticipate, plan for and manage change. This is what this learning event is all about.

Dates and Pricing

Jan 29 to Jan 29, 2018$650/person Feb 26 to Feb 26, 2018$650/person Mar 26 to Mar 26, 2018$650/person


The Art of Change Management
What is Change Management? Key Management Concepts
The Critical Nature of Change Management: About Change and Overall Strategy
The Major Obstacles to Effective Change Management
About Change Management and Organizational Agility
The Single Change Management Channel
The Critical Role of the Change Manager
About the Change Advisory Board
About Monitoring and Control
Making Change Happen
The Change Process from A to Z
About Change and the Service Management Lifecycle
Understanding the Different Types of Changes
The Role of Change Proposals
The Anatomy of Change Management in the Real World
Change Management Interactions with other Processes
Tips and Tricks: