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Trainer was well prepared. Course was very interesting.
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1. Title

  • Perl Scripting Essentials (PERLI, 4 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Programming knowledge is expected

3. Target Audience

  • Users who need to create or maintain Perl programs (scripts)

4. Dates and Pricing

2 People for Guaranteed Live or Virtual Delivery $2,775.00 per person

5. Outline

Module 1: Introduction

Topic 1: Perl Benefits and Drawbacks

Topic 2: The Perl Environment

Topic 3: The Perl Lifecycle

Topic 4: The PERL Application Structure

Topic 5: About Scope, Packages and Modules

Topic 6: Running Perl Code

Topic 7: Debugging Perl Code

Topic 8: Accessing Documentation and Help

Module 2: Basic Concepts

Topic 1: Values and variables

Topic 2: Context

Topic 3: Operators

Topic 4: Blocks

Topic 5: Control constructs

Topic 6: Subroutines

Topic 7: Functions

Topic 8: Variable scope

Module 3: Operators

Topic 1: Operators Versus Functions

Topic 2: Operator Types and Categories

Topic 3: Precedence and Associativity

Module 4: Structure, flow and control

Topic 1: Blocks and compound statements

Topic 2: Program flow control

Topic 3: Loops and looping

Topic 4: Controlling loop execution

Module 5: Working with scalars

Topic 1: Value conversion and caching

Topic 2: Perl Data Types

Topic 3: Working with Numbers

Topic 4: Working with Strings

Topic 5: Text interpolation

Topic 6: Regular Expressions

Topic 7: About Globalization

Module 6: Subroutines

Topic 1: Declaring and Calling Subroutines

Topic 2: Passing Parameters

Topic 3: Returning Values from Subroutines

Module 7: Collections and Lists

Topic 1: The Need for Collections

Topic 2: About Lists and Arrays

Topic 3: About Hashes

Topic 4: Choosing the Right Data Structure

Module 8: Input and Output with File Handles

Topic 1: File IO Overview

Topic 2: About IO Operations and the Filehandles Data Type

Topic 3: Manipulating Directories

Topic 4: Opening a File

Topic 5: Reading File Data

Topic 6: Writing to a File

Topic 7: Dealing with Complex Data Structures

Topic 8: Performance Considerations

Module 9: Introducing OO Programming with PERL

Topic 1: What is an Object?

Topic 2: Using Objects in Perl

Topic 3: Creating Classes

Topic 4: Creating Properties

Topic 5: Creating Methods

Topic 6: About Constructors

Topic 7: About Destructors

Module 10: Database Programming with PERL : Overview Only

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