Project Management: Blending Theory and Practice with MS Project Pro
(PMBLE, Live Instructor-Led Training, 5 days)


Project management is the art of guiding a project or process towards successful completion. Today’s corporate projects are complex in that they require the effective coordination of large multi-disciplinary teams and the allocation and management of vast resource portfolios. Effective project management is the key to a successful project.This complete project management course equips the business professional with leading edge methodologies and practices in the project management field as they are applied with Microsoft Project Pro. Project management is a requirement for professionals in many areas of expertise, with many employers now identifying project management skills as vital to corporate success.

Dates and Pricing

Jan 15 to Jan 19, 2018$1,675/person Feb 12 to Feb 16, 2018$1,675/person Mar 12 to Mar 16, 2018$1,675/person


Introduction To Project
What Is a Project
Project Management
Project Constraints
Understanding the Nature of Projects
The Project Life Cycle
Project Identification
The Project Initiation Stage
The Project Initiation Stage
Determine Project Constraints
Determine Project Assumption
Develop Business Communication Model
Develop the Process and Change Management Plan
Quality Control Plan
Presenting Your Business Case
Speaking To the Business Need
Presenting the Business Case
Completing the Project Definition Document
Project Management Roles
Identifying What Has Triggered Your Project
Project Kick-Off
The Project Definition Document
The Product Description
Determining Project Goals
Brainstorming and Consultation: Determine Goals
Determining Project Specifications
Determine Project Deliverables
The Project Planning Stage
The Planning Stage
Determine the Scope of Work
Scope Management Plan
The Work Breakdown Structure (wbs
Creating the Work Breakdown Structure, Wbs
Unique Wbs Identifiers
Determine Deliverable-specific Task List
Define Task Descriptions
The Role of Ms Project 2007 in Project Management
Getting Started With Microsoft Project
Project Management Concepts
Project Windows
Menus and Toolbars
Project Guide
Display Project Views
Use Combination Views
Creating A Project Plan
Project Information
Project Properties
Modify the Standard Project Calendar
Change Working Time
Option Settings
Creating Tasks In A Project Plan
Add Tasks
Outline Tasks
Create Milestone Tasks
Define Task Types
Planning the Time Element
Time Estimates
Time Estimate: Mathematical Method, Pert
Pert Calculations
Buffer Time
Use a Formula To Determine Duration
Enter Task Durations
Editing Tasks
Create, Move Or Cancel a Task
Create Task Outline
Collapse and Expand Outline
Work with Wbs
The Project Schedule
Linking Tasks
Dependency Types
Link Tasks
Modify Links
Unlink Tasks
Apply Lag and Lead Time
Add a Recurring Task
Understand Ms Project Scheduling
Task Types and Effort Driven Scheduling
Scheduling Formula
Methods for Assigning Tasks
Assign Resources To Tasks
Project Schedule Charts
Updating Project Assumption and Time Constraints
Resource Pool
Human Resource Management Plan
Resource Identification
Procurement Plan
Assigning Resources And Responsibility
Enter Resources in the Resource Sheet View
Define Resource Types
Resource Information Dialogue Box
Create a Resource Calendar
Importing Resource Information From An Hr Data Source
Cost Analysis And Budgeting
Planning Costs
The Art of Resource Identification
Cost Estimation Methods
Understanding Administrative Costs
Budgeting Smart: Planning with Cost Buffers
The Art of the Plan
Plan, Plan and More Plan
The Procurement Plan
The Human Resource Management Plan
The Financial Plan
Planning for Quality
The Final Plan
Implementing the Project Plan
Implementing the Procurement Plan
Quality Control and Assurance Measures
The Business Communication Model
The Need for Performance Tracking
Using Earned Value Analysis
Managing Change Management
Implementing Budgetary Control Measures
Tracking with Microsoft Project
The Closing Stage
Acceptance of Deliverables
Releasing Resources
Acceptance of Contracts
Disassembling Project Team Members
Project Documentation