Microsoft PowerPoint Complete: Creating Professional Presentations
(PPTPRO, Live Instructor-Led Training, 2 days)

Dates and Pricing

2 People for Delivery $1,150/person


Getting Starter with Microsoft PowerPoint
Navigating Microsoft PowerPoint
Exploring the Ribbon
Setting PowerPoint Options
Setting Presentation Information
Page Setup: Paper Size, Margins and More
Working with Slides
Working with Slide Elements
Saving Presentations: Types and Options
View Options for Presentations
Exercise: Creating a Basic Presentation
Working with Slides
Working with Templates: Finding the Right Template
Creating and Using Themes
Designing your Presentation
Modifying the Slide Master
Setting Slide Themes
Setting Slide Background
Exercise: Preparing for the Creative Process
Working with Slide Elements
Overview of Available Items
Working with Slide Headers
Working with Secondary Text
Formatting Text
Working with Charts and Graphs
Working with Objects and ClipArt
Advanced Formatting Concepts
Exercise: Creating Professional Content
Professional Transitions
About Transitions and Show Planning
Adding Transitions to a Professional Presentation
Working with Transition Timing and Speed
Reviewing Transitions at the Presentation Level
Exercise: Adding Effective Transition Effects
Professional Animation
About Animations and their Use
Creating Animations
Modifying Effect Attributes: Timing, Speed and more
About Animation Ordering
Combining Transitions and Animations
Exercise: Adding Effective Animation Effects
Wrapping Things Up
Using Content from Other Microsoft Office Applications
Making use of Storyboarding
Using Presentation Notes
Making Effective use of Print Preview
Print Options for Various Purposes
Preparing for the Show
Exporting the Show
Running the Presentation on any Machine
Exercise: Finalizing and Exporting a Presentation
Running a Presentation
Each Participant has the opportunity to present a short excerpt from their Presentation