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Project Server Training

I really enjoyed the course especially the team work, discussions and exercises were actually fun to do ! Great Instructor !
Comment from HRSDC

1. Title

  • Project Server Installation, Configuration and Use (PSER10, 4 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Previous experience as a system administrator in an enterprise environment

3. Target Audience

  • System administrators and project professionals who want to master Project Server 201

4. Dates and Pricing

2 People for Guaranteed Live or Virtual Delivery $3,900.00 per person

5. Outline

Module 1: Project Server : Infrastructure and Installation

Topic 1: Overview of Project Server Components

Topic 2: Planning the Installation and the Topology

Topic 3: Preparing the Active Directory

Topic 4: Preparing the Web Server

Topic 5: Preparing SQL Server and Supporting Services

Topic 6: Installing SharePoint and Supporting Services

Topic 7: Installing Project Server

Topic 8: Verifying the Installation

Module 2: SharePoint Sites and Architecture

Topic 1: About SharePoint Architecture

Topic 2: Planning and Creating Web Applications

Topic 3: Planning and Creating Site Collections

Topic 4: About Sub-Sites and Site Contents

Topic 5: Understanding Site Settings and Site Levels

Topic 6: About Custom Lists and Metadata

Topic 7: About Custom Fields and the Data Dictionary

Topic 8: Working with Document Libraries and Document Versions

Topic 9: Creating and Authoring Site Pages

Topic 10: Feature Activation and Deactivation

Module 3:  Configuring Project Server

Topic 1: Navigating Central Administration

Topic 2: Working with Server Settings

Topic 3: About PWA Instances and the Project Topology

Topic 4: Working with PWA Settings

Topic 5: Configuring Data Analytics and Report Sources

Topic 6: Configuring Reporting

Topic 7: Configuring Workflows and Workflow Management

Topic 8: Performance Considerations

Module 4: Calendars and Enterprise Custom Fields

Topic 1: Metadata Architecture

Topic 2: Working with Enterprise Custom Fields

Topic 3: Working with Lookup Tables

Topic 4: About Mandatory ECFs and Workflows

Topic 5: About Enterprise Calendars

Topic 6: Creating an Enterprise Calendar

Topic 7: Modifying Default Calendar Settings

Module 5:  Managing Projects

Topic 1: Creating an Enterprise Project

Topic 2: Overview of Project Components

Topic 3: Setting ECF Values

Topic 4: Working with Project Properties

Topic 5: Setting the Work Schedule

Topic 6: About Project Check-In and Check-Out

Topic 7: Working with the Local Cache

Topic 8: Performance Considerations

Module 6:  Task Planning

Topic 1: About Task Planning

Topic 2: Change Tracking and Management

Topic 3: Automatic versus Manual Task Scheduling

Topic 4: Task Creation and Modification

Topic 5: Creating a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

Topic 6: Creating Milestones

Topic 7: Using Task Dependencies

Topic 8: Time Management and Task Dependencies

Topic 9: Working with Constraints

Topic 10: Working with Deliverables

Module 7:  Resource Management

Topic 1: Working with Resources

Topic 2: Working with Project Teams

Topic 3: Overview of Task Types

Topic 4: Assigning Resources to Tasks

Topic 5: Working with Cost Resources

Topic 6: Planning Resource Use

Topic 7: About Resource Over-Allocation

Topic 8: Resource Substitution

Module 8:  Project Execution

Topic 1: Analyzing the Critical Path

Topic 2: Working with Project Baselines

Topic 3: Publishing a Project

Topic 4: Managing Deliverables

Topic 5: Working with Deliverable Dependencies

Module 9:  Time and Progress Management

Topic 1: Managing Time with Project Server

Topic 2: Configuring Timesheets

Topic 3: Accessing Timesheets

Topic 4: Task Progress Oversight

Topic 5: Generating Progress Reports

Topic 6: Managing Tasks

Topic 7: Timesheet Approvals

Module 10:  Working with Project Proposals

Topic 1: About Demand Management

Topic 2: Implementing Demand Management

Topic 3: About Strategic Drivers

Topic 4: Prioritization of Strategic Drivers

Topic 5: Portfolio Analysis

Module 11:  Governance

Topic 1: Process Overview

Topic 2: ECFs and Workflows

Topic 3: Creating Project Detail Pages

Topic 4: Creating Project Templates

Topic 5: Creating Phases and Stages

Topic 6: Creating the Workflow

Topic 7: Creating the Enterprise Project Template

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