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PowerShell Training

I am enjoying the opportunity to learn additional functionality of the product. I am also enjoying the opportunity to understand how other government colleagues are utilizing this product.
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1. Title

  • The Complete PowerShell Course for Professional Administrators (PSHELL, 4 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Previous experience in a systems administration role

3. Target Audience

  • IT professionals who want to learn how to use PowerShell to perform common administrative tasks

4. Dates and Pricing

Aug 1 to Aug 4, 2017$2,775.00/person
Oct 24 to Oct 27, 2017$2,775.00/person

5. Outline

Module 1: PowerShell Introduction

Topic 1: The Need for PowerShell

Topic 2: The PowerShell Language

Topic 3: Installing PowerShell

Topic 4: Running a PowerShell Script

Module 2: PowerShell Essentials

Topic 1: Variables and Variable Declaration

Topic 2: PowerShell Commands and Cmdlets

Topic 3: Command Categories and Aliases

Topic 4: About Parsing

Topic 5: Pipelines and Commands

Topic 6: Formatting Output

Topic 7: PowerShell and Data Types

Module 3: Working with Strings and Numbers

Topic 1: Data Types Overview

Topic 2: Working with Strings

Topic 3: Working with Single and Double Quotes

Topic 4: Working with Sub-expressions

Topic 5: Using Here Strings

Topic 6: About Numeric Data Types

Topic 7: About Multiplier Suffixes

Topic 8: Hexadecimal Literals

Topic 9: Using Math Functions

Module 4: Working with Collections and Arrays

Topic 1: About Arrays and Collections

Topic 2: Working with Hashtables

Topic 3: Arrays and Sequences

Topic 4: Array Polymorphism

Topic 5: Type Conversions

Topic 6: Introducing Operators

Topic 7: Creating Functions

Module 5: Advanced Operators

Topic 1: Operators and Types

Topic 2: Unary Operators

Topic 3: Grouping and Sub-expression Operators

Topic 4: Array Operators

Topic 5: Property and Method Operators

Topic 6: The PS Format Operator

Topic 7: Redirection Operators

Module 6: Error Handling

Topic 1: Error Handling Overview

Topic 2: A look at Program Flow

Topic 3: Handling Errors

Topic 4: The PowerShell Event Log

Module 7: Common Administration Tasks

Topic 1: Retrieving Active Directory Information

Topic 2: Performing a Software Audit

Topic 3: Retrieving Properties

Topic 4: Working with the Event Log

Topic 5: Working with ActiveDirectory and ADSI

Topic 6: Working with Security Accounts

Topic 7: Working with Network Configuration

Topic 8: Other Administrative Tasks of Interest

Module 8: Production Skills in Theory and Practice

Topic 1: Theory: Installing Software and Security Patches

Topic 2: Theory: Implementing Installation Exception Handling and Verification

Topic 3: Practice: Installing a Microsoft Security Patch with PowerShell

Topic 4: Theory: Keys and Certificates

Topic 5: Theory: The Pros and Cons of Code Signing

Topic 6: Theory: The Mechanics of Code Signing

Topic 7: Practice: Signing and Installing Components with PowerShell

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