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Course was work related. Found it very relative to what we are doing today. Instructor was bilingual and answered questions in both official languages.
Comment from Shared Services Canada

1. Title

  • The Complete PowerShell Course for Professional Administrators (PSHELLC, 4 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Previous experience in a system administration role.

3. Target Audience

  • Professional network administrators

4. Dates and Pricing

2 People for Guaranteed Live or Virtual Delivery $2,775.00 per person

5. Outline

Module 1: PowerShell Introduction

Topic 1: The Need for PowerShell

Topic 2: The PowerShell Language

Topic 3: Installing PowerShell

Module 2: PowerShell Essentials

Topic 1: Variables and Variable Declaration

Topic 2: PowerShell Commands and Cmdlets

Topic 3: Command Categories and Aliases

Topic 4: Pipelines and Commands

Topic 5: Formatting Output

Module 3: Scripting in Windows PowerShell

Topic 1: Creating PowerShell Scripts

Topic 2: Invoking Scripts like Commands

Topic 3: Passing Arguments to Scripts

Topic 4: Using Parameters in Scripts

Topic 5: Validating Parameters

Module 4: Object Oriented Programming in PowerShell

Topic 1: Object Basics

Topic 2: Constructing Objects

Topic 3: Using Common Objects

Topic 4: Using Object Properties and Methods

Topic 5: About Object Events

Topic 6: Responding to Events

Topic 7: About Inheritance and Polymorphism: Use and Concept

Topic 8: A Few Practical Examples

Module 5: Managing the File System Using PowerShell

Topic 1: The File System

Topic 2: Accessing Files and Directories

Topic 3: Filter and Exclusion Criterion

Topic 4: Getting File and Directory Contents

Topic 5: Navigating the File System

Topic 6: Relative and Absolute Paths

Topic 7: Converting Relative Paths into Absolute Paths

Topic 8: Working with Files and Directories

Topic 9: Creating New Drives

Topic 10: Processing Comma-Separated Lists

Topic 11: Moving and Copying Files and Directories

Topic 12: Renaming Files and Directories

Topic 13: Managing Access Permissions

Topic 14: Creating New Permissions

Module 6: Processes, Services and Event Logs

Topic 1: Processes

Topic 2: Monitoring Processes

Topic 3: Counting Processes

Topic 4: Stopping Processes

Topic 5: Managing Services

Topic 6: Listing Services

Topic 7: Monitoring the Event Log

Topic 8: Monitoring Processes

Topic 9: The PowerShell Event Log

Module 7: WMI: Windows Management Instrumentation

Topic 1: WMI Classes and Instances

Topic 2: Directly Accessing Instances

Topic 3: Modifying Properties

Topic 4: Viewing Class Descriptions

Topic 5: Invoking WMI Methods

Topic 6: Static Methods

Topic 7: WMI Events

Topic 8: Remote Access and Namespaces

Topic 9: WMI and the Extended Type System

Module 8: Using PowerShell in Active Directory

Topic 1: Using PowerShell in and Active Directory Environment

Topic 2: Accessing Containment Objects

Topic 3: Accessing Users and Groups in Active Directory

Topic 4: Reading and Modifying Properties

Topic 5: Retrieving Properties

Topic 6: Modifying Properties

Topic 7: Invoking Methods

Topic 8: Group Memberships

Topic 9: Creating New Objects

Topic 10: Creating New Users

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