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This customized course was just what we needed. Thank you !
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1. Title

  • The Complete PowerShell Course for Professional Administrators (PSHELLC, 4 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Previous experience in a system administration role.

3. Target Audience

  • Professional network administrators

4. Dates and Pricing

2 People for Guaranteed Live or Virtual Delivery $2,775.00 per person

5. Outline

Module 1: PowerShell Introduction

Topic 1: The Need for PowerShell

Topic 2: The PowerShell Language

Topic 3: Installing PowerShell

Module 2: PowerShell Essentials

Topic 1: Variables and Variable Declaration

Topic 2: PowerShell Commands and Cmdlets

Topic 3: Command Categories and Aliases

Topic 4: Pipelines and Commands

Topic 5: Formatting Output

Module 3: Scripting in Windows PowerShell

Topic 1: Creating PowerShell Scripts

Topic 2: Invoking Scripts like Commands

Topic 3: Passing Arguments to Scripts

Topic 4: Using Parameters in Scripts

Topic 5: Validating Parameters

Module 4: Object Oriented Programming in PowerShell

Topic 1: Object Basics

Topic 2: Constructing Objects

Topic 3: Using Common Objects

Topic 4: Using Object Properties and Methods

Topic 5: About Object Events

Topic 6: Responding to Events

Topic 7: About Inheritance and Polymorphism: Use and Concept

Topic 8: A Few Practical Examples

Module 5: Managing the File System Using PowerShell

Topic 1: The File System

Topic 2: Accessing Files and Directories

Topic 3: Filter and Exclusion Criterion

Topic 4: Getting File and Directory Contents

Topic 5: Navigating the File System

Topic 6: Relative and Absolute Paths

Topic 7: Converting Relative Paths into Absolute Paths

Topic 8: Working with Files and Directories

Topic 9: Creating New Drives

Topic 10: Processing Comma-Separated Lists

Topic 11: Moving and Copying Files and Directories

Topic 12: Renaming Files and Directories

Topic 13: Managing Access Permissions

Topic 14: Creating New Permissions

Module 6: Processes, Services and Event Logs

Topic 1: Processes

Topic 2: Monitoring Processes

Topic 3: Counting Processes

Topic 4: Stopping Processes

Topic 5: Managing Services

Topic 6: Listing Services

Topic 7: Monitoring the Event Log

Topic 8: Monitoring Processes

Topic 9: The PowerShell Event Log

Module 7: WMI: Windows Management Instrumentation

Topic 1: WMI Classes and Instances

Topic 2: Directly Accessing Instances

Topic 3: Modifying Properties

Topic 4: Viewing Class Descriptions

Topic 5: Invoking WMI Methods

Topic 6: Static Methods

Topic 7: WMI Events

Topic 8: Remote Access and Namespaces

Topic 9: WMI and the Extended Type System

Module 8: Using PowerShell in Active Directory

Topic 1: Using PowerShell in and Active Directory Environment

Topic 2: Accessing Containment Objects

Topic 3: Accessing Users and Groups in Active Directory

Topic 4: Reading and Modifying Properties

Topic 5: Retrieving Properties

Topic 6: Modifying Properties

Topic 7: Invoking Methods

Topic 8: Group Memberships

Topic 9: Creating New Objects

Topic 10: Creating New Users

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