Python Programming for IT Professionals
(PYTH, Live Instructor-Led Training, 4 days)

Dates and Pricing

Jan 30 to Feb 2, 2018$2,500/person Feb 27 to Mar 2, 2018$2,500/person Mar 27 to Mar 30, 2018$2,500/person


The Python Environment
What is Python and what are its uses?
Using the Python Interpreter
Invoking the Interpreter
Argument Passing
Interactive Mode
The Interpreter and Its Environment
Source Code Encoding
Python Essentials
Dealing with Data Types: Numbers, Strings and Lists
Implementing Conditional Logic: if and dictionaries
Implementing Repeating Logic: for and range
Using break and continue
The Meaning of pass
Working with functions
Defining Functions
Defining Functions: the details
Using Default Argument Values and Keyword Arguments
Arbitrary Argument Lists
Unpacking Argument Lists
Making use of Lambda Expressions
Documentation Strings
Using Function Annotations
Working with Data Structures
Working with Lists
Using Lists as Stacks
Using Lists as Queues
List Comprehensions
Nested List Comprehensions
The del statement
Tuples and Sequences
Practical Implementations
Working with Iterators
Working with Modules
Understanding Modules
Executing modules as scripts
The Module Search Path
Compiled Python files
Standard Modules
The dir Function
About Packages
Importing * From a Package
Intra-package References
Packages in Multiple Directories
Input and Output
Fancier Output Formatting
Old string formatting
Reading and Writing Files
Methods of File Objects
Saving structured data with json
Errors and Exceptions
Syntax Errors
Handling Exceptions
Raising Exceptions
User-defined Exceptions
Defining Clean-up Actions
Predefined Clean-up Actions
About Names and Objects
Python Scopes and Namespaces
Creating Classes
Class Definition Syntax
Class Objects
Instance Objects
Method Objects
Class and Instance Variables
Multiple Inheritance
Private Variables
The Standard Library
Operating System Interface
File Wildcards
Command Line Arguments
Error Output Redirection and Program Termination
String Pattern Matching
Internet Access
Dates and Times
Data Compression
More on the Standard Library
Output Formatting
Working with Binary Data Record Layouts
Weak References
Tools for Working with Lists
Decimal Floating Point Arithmetic