Advanced C++ Programming: Mastering the Qt Library
(QTLIBPRO, Live Instructor-Led Training, 3 days)


This SETC certified course explore the power and flexibility of the Qt library. Starting with a solid introduction to the Qt library, experienced C++ developers are given a guided tour of building user interfaces with the Qt library. Developers are taught how to use core classes, dialogs, windows, widgets, MVC and more. The course concludes with an exploration of painting and styling. The Qt Graphics View is covered at the end if time permits. SETC Training – Formation SETC Training provides expert C++ training in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Quebec.

Dates and Pricing

Jan 10 to Jan 12, 2018$2,500/person Feb 7 to Feb 9, 2018$2,500/person Mar 7 to Mar 9, 2018$2,500/person


Qt Fundamentals
Introduction to the Qt Library?
Understanding the Qt Object Model
Creating a First Application with the Qt Library
Working with the Qt Designer
Understading Signals and Slots: Concepts and Use
About Events and Qt
Working with Qt Core Classes
Working with Strings
Working with Item Containers: Sequential, Associative and Generic Algrithms
About File Handling and Qt
Understanding String, Byte Arrays and Variants
Practical Considerations
Working with Dialogs
Working with QDialog
Exploring Signals and Slots
Implementing Standard Dialogs
Implementing Shape Changing and Dynamic Dialogs
Working with Build-In Classes
Working with Windows
Working with QMainWindow
Creating Menus and Toolbars
Creating Status Bars
Implementing the File Menu
Implementing Dialogs
Settings Management
Qt Widgets: Use and Customization
Understanding Qt Widgets
Customising Qt Widgets
Working with the QtWidget Class
Custom Widget Integration with QtDesigner
Practical Considerations
Implementing Model View Controller with Qt
Understanding the MVC Pattern
Implementing the MVC Pattern with Qt
Understanding the Role of Item Widgets
Implementing Model Classes
Implementing View Classes
Implementing the Controller
A Complete Example
Input and Output with Qt
Core Classes for IO
Implementing File IO
Implementing Database Operations
About SQL Models and Qt
Working with XML Documents
QT Painting and Styling
About Color Handling
Fundamentals of Painting with Qt
About Working with Style Sheets
Working with Application Event Handling
About Widget Painting
Implementing Main Windows and Actions
Working with the QT Graphics View – If Time Permits
Using Graphics View
Drag and Drop
Item Animation