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This customized course was just what we needed. Thank you !
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1. Title

  • Advanced C++ Programming: Mastering the Qt Library (QTLIBPRO, 3 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Previous C++ programming experience

3. Target Audience

  • C++ professional developers

4. Dates and Pricing

Nov 1 to Nov 3, 2017$2,775.00/person

5. Outline

Module 1: Qt Fundamentals

Topic 1: Introduction to the Qt Library?

Topic 2: Understanding the Qt Object Model

Topic 3: Creating a First Application with the Qt Library

Topic 4: Working with the Qt Designer

Topic 5: Understading Signals and Slots: Concepts and Use

Topic 6: About Events and Qt

Module 2: Working with Qt Core Classes

Topic 1: Working with Strings

Topic 2: Working with Item Containers: Sequential, Associative and Generic Algrithms

Topic 3: About File Handling and Qt

Topic 4: Understanding String, Byte Arrays and Variants

Topic 5: Practical Considerations

Module 3: Working with Dialogs

Topic 1: Working with QDialog

Topic 2: Exploring Signals and Slots

Topic 3: Implementing Standard Dialogs

Topic 4: Implementing Shape Changing and Dynamic Dialogs

Topic 5: Working with Build-In Classes

Module 4: Working with Windows

Topic 1: Working with QMainWindow

Topic 2: Creating Menus and Toolbars

Topic 3: Creating Status Bars

Topic 4: Implementing the File Menu

Topic 5: Implementing Dialogs

Topic 6: Settings Management

Module 5: Qt Widgets: Use and Customization

Topic 1: Understanding Qt Widgets

Topic 2: Customising Qt Widgets

Topic 3: Working with the QtWidget Class

Topic 4: Custom Widget Integration with QtDesigner

Topic 5: Practical Considerations

Module 6: Implementing Model View Controller with Qt

Topic 1: Understanding the MVC Pattern

Topic 2: Implementing the MVC Pattern with Qt

Topic 3: Understanding the Role of Item Widgets

Topic 4: Implementing Model Classes

Topic 5: Implementing View Classes

Topic 6: Implementing the Controller

Topic 7: A Complete Example

Module 7: Input and Output with Qt

Topic 1: Core Classes for IO

Topic 2: Implementing File IO

Topic 3: Implementing Database Operations

Topic 4: About SQL Models and Qt

Topic 5: Working with XML Documents

Module 8: QT Painting and Styling

Topic 1: About Color Handling

Topic 2: Fundamentals of Painting with Qt

Topic 3: About Working with Style Sheets

Topic 4: Working with Application Event Handling

Topic 5: About Widget Painting

Topic 6: Implementing Main Windows and Actions

Module 9: Working with the QT Graphics View – If Time Permits

Topic 1: Using Graphics View

Topic 2: Drag and Drop

Topic 3: Item Animation

Topic 4: Performance

Topic 5: Effects

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