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The instructor appeared to be very knowledgeable with regard to all aspects of the course. He was quick to point out features which were new or had changed since previous versions, and called specific attention to information he thought was particularly relevant to us.
Comment from DND

1. Title

  • Professional SCCM: The Complete Course for Enterprise Deployments (SCCMPRO, 5 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Previous experience in an enterprise admininistration role.

3. Target Audience

  • Professional administrators who need to prepare an SCCM ecosystem.

4. Dates and Pricing

2 People for Guaranteed Live or Virtual Delivery $2,775.00 per person

5. Outline

Module 1: Overview of SCCM

Topic 1: Using SCCM for System Center Solutions

Topic 2: New Features of SCCM

Topic 3: Overview of SCCM Site Architecture

Topic 4: Overview of the SCCM Client

Module 2: SCCM Site Architecture

Topic 1: Overview of the SCCM Single Site Server

Topic 2: Using SCCM in an Active Directory Environment

Topic 3: Determining SCCM Site Architecture

Topic 4: Planning Site Boundaries and Roaming Boundaries

Topic 5: Discussion: SCCM Deployment Best Practices

Module 3: Deploying SCCM Clients

Topic 1: Preparing SCCM Clients for Deployment

Topic 2: Deploying SCCM Clients

Topic 3: Managing Configuration Manager Client Installations

Topic 4: Troubleshooting Client Deployment

Module 4: Hardware and Software Inventory

Topic 1: Introduction to Inventory Collection Process

Topic 2: Collecting Hardware Inventory Information

Topic 3: Collecting Software Inventory Information

Topic 4: Managing Inventory

Topic 5: Software Metering Usage

Module 5: Querying and Reporting Data

Topic 1: Architecture of Data and Status Queries

Topic 2: Creating and Running Queries

Topic 3: Configuring and Deploying a Reporting Point

Topic 4: Configuring and Running Reports

Topic 5: Configuring and Running Dashboards

Module 6: Preparing for and Managing SCCM Software Distribution

Topic 1: Understanding the SCCM Software Distribution Process

Topic 2: Preparing the Site for Software Distribution Objects

Topic 3: Configuring Software Distribution Objects

Topic 4: Creating and Configuring Collections

Topic 5: Creating and Configuring Packages and Programs

Topic 6: Distributing and Advertising Programs

Topic 7: Monitoring and Troubleshooting Software Distribution

Module 7: Deploying Operating Systems Using SCCM

Topic 1: Overview of Operating System Deployment

Topic 2: Preparation Tasks for Operating System Deployment

Topic 3: Creating and Capturing Operating System Images

Topic 4: Deploying an Operating System

Topic 5: Configuring Network Based Operating System Deployment

Topic 6: About SCCM and Windows 10

Module 8: Software Update Deployment

Topic 1: Overview of Software Updates

Topic 2: Preparing the Configuration Manager Infrastructure for Software Update Deployment

Topic 3: Managing Software Updates

Topic 4: Monitoring and Managing Software Updates

Module 9: Using Desired Configuration for Configuration manager

Topic 1: Overview of Desired Configuration Management

Topic 2: Configuring Desired Configuration Management

Topic 3: Viewing and Troubleshooting Compliance Results

Module 10: Remote Tools and Wake On LAN Features

Topic 1: Overview of the SCCM Remote Tools

Topic 2: Configuring the Remote Tools Client Agent

Topic 3: Managing and Securing SCCM Remote Tools

Topic 4: SCCM Wake on LAN

Topic 5: Configuring and Monitoring Wake on LAN

Module 11: Managing Mobile Devices Using SCCM

Topic 1: Overview of Mobile Device Management

Topic 2: Configuring SCCM for Mobile Device Support

Topic 3: Configuring Client Settings

Topic 4: Managing Mobile Devices

Module 12: Planning and Configuring a Multiple Site Hierarchy

Topic 1: Overview of the Configuration Manager Site Hierarchy

Topic 2: Configuring SCCM Site Communications

Topic 3: Installing a Secondary Site Server

Topic 4: Decommissioning Sites and Hierarchies

Topic 5: Roaming in Multiple Site Hierarchies

Module 13: Troubleshooting SCCM

Topic 1: Maintaining SCCM

Topic 2: Backup and Recovery of SCCM

Topic 3: SCCM Troubleshooting Tools

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