Conflict Resolution for the Modern Workplace: Making it Work for Everyone
(SCONF, Live Instructor-Led Training, 1 days)

Dates and Pricing

Jan 29 to Jan 29, 2018$650/person Feb 26 to Feb 26, 2018$650/person Mar 26 to Mar 26, 2018$650/person


Managing the Other Stuff
Common Mistakes in Dealing with Conflict
Creating a Positive Physical Environment
Identifying the Mood of the Situation
The Art of Communication
Power Struggles
Stimulating Creativity
Personality Types and Preferences
The Anatomy of the Brain
The Human Brain: From Left to Right
The Human Brain and Emotion
Understanding your own Personal Brain Dominance
Working with what you have: Personality Types
Personality Styles and Types
Identifying Areas for Improvement
Managing Yourself
Challenges in Multicultural and Multilingual Environments
Don’t Break: Managing Stress
You’re on the Clock: Managing Time
Work-Life Balance
Managing Difficult People: The Classic Types
Conflict Fundamentals
Categories of Conflict
Difficult Behaviours in Communication
Managing Anger
Coping with Difficult Behaviours
Calming Upset Customers
Concrete Techniques for Defusing Verbal Attacks
Putting Skills in Action
Be Prepared
Manage the Environment
Manage Your Emotions
Manage the Scope and the Rules : Set Limits
Handling Difficult Questions
Build Consensus