Mastering Data Analysis and Presentation for IT Professionals
(SDANA, Live Instructor-Led Training, 2 days)

Dates and Pricing

Jan 22 to Jan 23, 2018$1,150/person Feb 19 to Feb 20, 2018$1,150/person Mar 19 to Mar 20, 2018$1,150/person


Importing Data from Relevant Sources
A Note on Data Sources
The Representation of Data in Excel
Importing Data from SQL Server
Importing Data from Oracle
Importing Data from Windows Server
Importing Data from Linux
Working with External Data Sources
General Data Import Procedures
Filtering and Sorting Data
Ensuring the Correctness of the Data
Making Use of Conditional Formatting
Sorting Data
Filtering Text Data
Filtering Date Data
Filtering Numeric Data
Dealing with Missing Data
Working with Multiple Data Sources
Creating Summary Statistics
Creating Summary Sheets
Understanding Copy-Paste Behavior with Functions
Working with Basic Arithmetic and Statistical Functions
Working with Logical Functions
Working with Conditional Functions
Working with Frequency Functions
Working with Dates and Ranges
Working with Null or Missing Data
Presenting Data in Word
Working with Charts and Graphs
Creating Basic Charts and Graphs
Working with Multiple Data Sets
Formatting Charts and Graphs
Customizing Charts and Graphs
Presenting Data in Word
Working with Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts
The Role and Purpose of a Pivot Table
Creating a Pivot Table
Working with Row and Column Fields
Working with Aggregate Fields
Modifying Picot Table Options
Making use of Pivot Charts
About Slicers
Presenting Data in Word