Managing Documents Productively in a SharePoint Environment
(SDOCM, Live Instructor-Led Training, 1 days)

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2 People for Delivery $650/person


About SharePoint Document Management
Introduction to SharePoint Document Libraries
Exploring the Document Authoring Process
Configuring a Document Library for Versioning
Configuring a Document Library’s Version History
Configuring a Document Library for Content Approval
Using Metadata for Document Classification
Working with Documents in Microsoft Word
Opening a Document and Setting Properties
Checking a Document Out
Modifying a Document and Tracking Changes
Checking a Document In
Publishing a Document Version
Adding Appropriate Notes
Restoring a Previous Document Version
Common Mistakes in SharePoint Document Management
Sharing and Collaboration
Adding Document Notes
Making use of Track Changes
Reviewing Changes and Accepting or Rejecting them
Making use of Online Collaboration
Sharing a Document with another Party