Implementing Business Processes for Performance and Predictability
(SIPRO, Live Instructor-Led Training, 2 days)

Dates and Pricing

Jan 15 to Jan 16, 2018$1,150/person Feb 12 to Feb 13, 2018$1,150/person Mar 12 to Mar 13, 2018$1,150/person


Understanding Processes
Process Definition
The Importance of the People and Process Separation
What are the Attributes of a Process?
The Difference between a Process and a Procedure
What are the Benefits of Proper Process Implementation?
What are the Major Resistance Points to Process Adoption?
Common Mistakes
Best Practices
Deigning Processes
Defining the Objective and the Scope
Defining Inputs and Outputs
Understanding Triggers
Defining Activities and Flow
Defining Roles and Responsibilities
Defining Sub-Processes
An Introduction to Modeling Notation
Implementing Process
Understanding the Status Quo
Identifying the Major Gaps
Preparing a Plan for Process Implementation
About Successful Change: Keep it Simple
Identifying a Project Champion
Ensuring proper Monitoring
Formulating a Communication Strategy
Measuring Results: Introducing KPIs
Measuring Performance
The Art of Process Measurement
What are we Measuring: Service, Process or Technology?
About KPIs, KRIs and PIs: The 80-20 Rule
A Formal Definition of Key Performance Indicator (KPI)
Identifying Process KPIs
Implementing the Measurement Systems
A Complete Process Example