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Project Management Training

Course has been tailored to our needs. We are learning what we need for everyday work.
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1. Title

  • Professional Project Server: Mastering Project Configuration and Management (SPA2013, 4 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Previous experience in system administration and Project Server

3. Target Audience

  • IT Professionals who want to learn how to manage a Project Se Environment

4. Dates and Pricing

Aug 29 to Sep 1, 2017$3,350.00/person
Nov 21 to Nov 24, 2017$3,350.00/person

5. Outline

Module 1: Project Server New Features – ½ Day

Topic 1: Overview of New Features

Topic 2: Demand and Lifecycle Management

Topic 3: New in SharePoint Server

Topic 4: New Architecture Considerations

Topic 5: Introducing the PPM Platform

Topic 6: Understanding PPM Terminology

Topic 7: About Enterprise Pools

Topic 8: Preparing for PPM: Understanding Processes, Roles and Responsibilities

Topic 9: Strategies for PPM Deployment Success

Topic 10: The Deployment Process (Overview Only)

Module 2: Installing Project Server – ½ day

Topic 1: Designing the Topology

Topic 2: Preparing the Security Environment

Topic 3: Understanding the Requirements for SharePoint Integration

Topic 4: Installing the Server

Topic 5: Installing and Configuring SQL Server

Topic 6: Preparing the Application Server

Topic 7: Installing SharePoint and Project 2013

Topic 8: Configuring SharePoint

Topic 9: Creating a Project Server Web App

Topic 10: Installing Workflow Manager

Topic 11: Configure Excel Services

Topic 12: Configuring the Cube Building Service

Topic 13: SQL Server Performance Enhancements

Topic 14: Creating Additional Web Instances

Module 3: Project Web App 2013 Interface – ½ day

Topic 1: Mastering PWA Settings

Topic 2: Queue and Database Administration

Topic 3: Operational Policies

Topic 4: Workflows and Project Details

Topic 5: About SharePoint Permissions Mode

Topic 6: Understanding On Premise and Online Modes

Topic 7: Working with the Default PWA Instance

Topic 8: Using the Administration Interface

Topic 9: Using Central Administration to Manage PWA

Module 4: Creating System Metadata and Calendars – 1/2 day

Topic 1: Understanding Project Server Metadata Architecture

Topic 2: Working with Enterprise Custom Fields Lookup Tables

Topic 3: Creating Lookup Tables

Topic 4: Modifying Built-In Lookup Tables

Topic 5: Creating Custom Fields

Topic 6: Creating Free Entry Custom Fields

Topic 7: Creating a Custom Field with a Lookup Table

Topic 8: Modifying Built-In Project and Resource Department Fields

Topic 9: Creating a Custom Field Controlled by Workflow

Topic 10: Creating a Custom Field with a Formula

Topic 11: Implementing a Local Field as an Enterprise Custom Field

Topic 12: Displaying Graphical Indicators in Custom Fields

Topic 13: Planning for Matching Generic Resources

Topic 14: Creating Enterprise Calendars

Module 5: Portfolio and Project Governance – ½ day

Topic 1: Overview

Topic 2: Understanding Project Governance and Portfolio Management

Topic 3: Configuring Portfolio Management

Topic 4: Configuring Project Governance

Topic 5: Configuring Demand Management

Topic 6: Performing Portfolio Analyses

Module 6: Building and Managing an Enterprise Resource Pool - ¼ day

Topic 1: Understanding Enterprise Resource Types

Topic 2: Adding Resources using Active Directory

Topic 3: Working with the Resource Center Data Grid

Topic 4: Creating and Editing Work Resources in Project 2013

Topic 5: Creating Generic, Material, Cost and Team Resources

Module 7: Project Server Configuration – ¼ day

Topic 1: Configuring Enterprise Settings

Topic 2: Customizing the Quick Launch Bar

Topic 3: Configuring Alerts and Reminders

Topic 4: Setting Options for the OLAP Cube

Topic 5: Configuring Event Handlers

Module 8: Project Server Security – ½ day

Topic 1: Overview

Topic 2: Setting Organizational Permissions

Topic 3: Understanding Users vs Resources

Topic 4: Managing User Accounts

Topic 5: Controlling Security with Groups and Categories

Topic 6: Understanding Permissions

Topic 7: Managing Permissions through Groups

Topic 8: Managing Permissions through Categories

Topic 9: Using and Managing Security Templates

Topic 10: Managing AD Synchronization for Groups

Topic 11: Common Security Requirements

Module 9: SharePoint and Project Sites – ½ day

Topic 1: SharePoint Overview

Topic 2: Creating Custom Lists in SharePoint

Topic 3: Managed Metadata and Enterprise Types

Topic 4: Understanding Special Project Behaviors

Topic 5: Managing the Connection between SharePoint and Project

Topic 6: About Workflows and Projects

Topic 7: Creating Custom Workflows using SharePoint Designer

Module 10: Configuring BI and Reporting – If Time Permits

Topic 1: Overview of BI in Project Server

Topic 2: About Available Data

Topic 3: Office Data Connections

Topic 4: Preparing to View or Create Reports

Topic 5: Creating a new Report

Topic 6: Creating a new PowerPivot Report

Module 11: Troubleshooting

Topic 1: This is completed throughout the course

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