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SharePoint Training

Explained what could be have been very complicated information in a clear and concise manner which allowed myself to follow along and understand with ease. Instructor had great enthusiasm that kept us all involved.
Comment from Shared Services Canada

1. Title

  • Advanced SharePoint for Portal Development: Mastering Sharepoint Designer (SPTDESIGN, 5 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Previous SharePoint experience

3. Target Audience

  • SharePoint professionals who need to create and maintain SharePoint based web portals.

4. Dates and Pricing

2 People for Guaranteed Live or Virtual Delivery $2,775.00 per person

5. Outline

Module 1: Mastering SharePoint Design and Site Architecture

Topic 1: SharePoint Architecture Overview

Topic 2: About Web Applications, Site Collections and Sites

Topic 3: Designing the Target Site Hierarchy

Topic 4: Creating a SharePoint Web Application

Topic 5: Creating a SharePoint Top-Level Site

Topic 6: About Working with Sub-Sites

Topic 7: Working with Multiple Sites for Usage and Access

Topic 8: Working with Multiple Sites for Security

Topic 9: Working with SharePoint Site Templates: The Collaboration Portal and More

Topic 10: Implementing Security in a SharePoint Site Hierarchy

Topic 11: About Site Collection Features and Site Features

Topic 12: Activating and Deactivating Site Features

Module 2: Creating and Using SharePoint Lists

Topic 1: The Content – View Separation: Mastering SharePoint Principles

Topic 2: Working with Lists and List Templates

Topic 3: Avoiding Out of the Box Templates

Topic 4: Mastering the Custom List

Topic 5: Saving Lists as Templates for Common Look and Feel

Topic 6: About Site Content Types and Site Columns

Topic 7: Displaying Content from External Sources in SharePoint

Topic 8: Creating and Using Views

Topic 9: About Views and Web Parts: Extreme Caution

Topic 10: Best Practices: SharePoint Lists

Module 3: Creating and Using SharePoint Document Libraries

Topic 1: About Document Libraries: Folder, Files and Templates

Topic 2: SharePoint Office Integration Highlights

Topic 3: About Document Metadata and it Usage

Topic 4: Using Metadata Services for Document Classification

Topic 5: About Documents Versioning: Check In, Check Out and Restore

Topic 6: Managing Version History

Topic 7: Implementing Content Approval Manually

Topic 8: Implementing Content Approval Workflows

Topic 9: Managing Permissions in Document Libraries

Module 4: Creating Web Pages

Topic 1: The Anatomy of a Web Page

Topic 2: Creating the Supporting Document Library

Topic 3: Creating and Organizing Web Pages

Topic 4: Adding Rich Content to a Web Page

Topic 5: About Web Parts and their Use

Topic 6: Inserting, Deleting, Hiding and Moving Web Parts

Topic 7: A Few Really Useful Web Parts: XSLT List View, Data View and More

Topic 8: Using SharePoint for Web Content Management

Module 5: Mastering InfoPath 2010

Topic 1: Introduction to InfoPath 2010

Topic 2: Overview of InfoPath Forms and SharePoint Integration

Topic 3: Creating InfoPath Forms

Topic 4: Publishing InfoPath Forms to a SharePoint Container

Topic 5: Mastering InfoPath Form Design

Topic 6: Using Workflows to Automate Form Processing

Topic 7: InfoPath and Security

Module 6: SharePoint Security Deep Dive

Topic 1: Overview of SharePoint Security

Topic 2: About SharePoint Security and Active Directory

Topic 3: Overview of SharePoint Groups and Users

Topic 4: Creating SharePoint Groups and Users

Topic 5: Creating and Working with Permission Levels

Topic 6: About SharePoint Permissions Inheritance

Topic 7: Proceed at your own Risk: Breaking Inheritance

Module 7: SharePoint Workflows

Topic 1: SharePoint Workflows Overview

Topic 2: SharePoint Workflow Terminology

Topic 3: Using Out-of-the-Box Workflows

Topic 4: Creating Custom SharePoint Designer Workflows

Topic 5: Workflow Essentials with SharePoint Designer

Topic 6: Advanced Workflow Branching and Execution Flow

Topic 7: Advanced Workflow Interactions and Communications

Topic 8: About Transactions and Workflows

Topic 9: About Deploying Workflows

Topic 10: Advanced Workflow Development

Module 8: Advanced Development Topics – If Time Permits

Topic 1: About the Development Environment

Topic 2: Creating Custom Site Definitions

Topic 3: Creating Custom Site Themes

Topic 4: Creating and Deploying Content Types

Topic 5: Creating and Deploying Features

Topic 6: Creating and Deploying Custom Workflows in Code

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