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SharePoint Training

I really liked the fact that we could follow using the manual PDF files on our individual machines. This allowed to easily/quickly scroll back/forth the slides without having to interrupt the class to ask to go back to certain slides when needing to review something. This also allowed to easily search within the manual for specific keywords while doing exercises
Comment from Mitel

1. Title

  • The Complete SharePoint Development Course (SPTPR10, 5 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Previous .NET development experience

3. Target Audience

  • Professional developpers who want to create enterprise quality Sharepoint portals

4. Dates and Pricing

Sep 25 to Sep 29, 2017$2,775.00/person
Dec 4 to Dec 8, 2017$2,775.00/person

5. Outline

Module 1: Framework and Architecture Essentials

Topic 1: The Systems Development Lifecycle: Discovering RUP

Topic 2: .NET Distributed Architecture

Topic 3: .NET Web Technology and ASP.NET

Topic 4: .NET Framework Versions and Multi-Targeting

Topic 5: The New APIs – An Overview

Topic 6: The .NET Answer

Topic 7: Assemblies and Namespaces

Topic 8: The Visual Studio .NET Environment

Topic 9: Providing XML Schema Intellisense

Module 2: SharePoint Architecture and Features

Topic 1: The Content-View Separation

Topic 2: SharePoint Overview

Topic 3: SharePoint New Features

Topic 4: SharePoint Server Architecture

Topic 5: The New Architecture of Services

Topic 6: Creating a Sharepoint Site

Topic 7: About Customised and Uncustomised Sharepoint Pages

Topic 8: The Default Structure of Default.master

Topic 9: SharePoint Hidden Query Strings

Topic 10: Sharepoint Web Services

Module 3: Creating and Using Sharepoint Contents

Topic 1: Working with Lists and Document Libraries

Topic 2: Content Versioning and Content Approval

Topic 3: The Custom List

Topic 4: About Site Content Types and Site Columns

Topic 5: Creating and Using Views

Topic 6: Creating Web Pages

Topic 7: Web Parts Essentials

Topic 8: Deleting and Moving Web Parts

Module 4: Sharepoint Customisation

Topic 1: Sharepoint Site Definitions

Topic 2: Site Definitions and Common Files

Topic 3: Creating a Custom Site Definition – Step by Step

Topic 4: Creating Custom Field Types

Topic 5: Creating Sharepoint Features

Topic 6: Creating SharePoint Solutions

Topic 7: Deploying Solutions

Topic 8: SharePoint Event Handlers

Module 5: Web Part Programming

Topic 1: WebParts Classes and Namespaces

Topic 2: Overview of the Web Part Creation Process

Topic 3: Developing a Simple Web Part

Topic 4: Deploying a Custom Web Part

Topic 5: Creating a Provider Web Part

Topic 6: Connecting a Provider to a Consumer

Module 6: ASP .NET Integration

Topic 1: Understanding the Role of the GAC

Topic 2: Developing ASP .NET Content for SharePoint

Topic 3: Developing Web Forms for SharePoint

Topic 4: Developing Custom Code Segments for SharePoint

Topic 5: Developing Services for SharePoint

Topic 6: SharePoint Integration

Module 7: SharePoint Workflows

Topic 1: SharePoint 2007 Workflows Overview

Topic 2: SharePoint Workflow Terminology

Topic 3: Using Out-of-the-Box Workflows in MOSS 2007

Topic 4: Adding a Workflow to Document Library

Topic 5: SharePoint Designer Custom Workflows

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