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SharePoint Training

Great instructor and hands-on course material.
Comment from Canada Council for the Arts

1. Title

  • The Complete SharePoint Development Course (SPTPR10, 5 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Previous .NET development experience

3. Target Audience

  • Professional developpers who want to create enterprise quality Sharepoint portals

4. Dates and Pricing

Sep 25 to Sep 29, 2017$2,775.00/person
Dec 4 to Dec 8, 2017$2,775.00/person

5. Outline

Module 1: Framework and Architecture Essentials

Topic 1: The Systems Development Lifecycle: Discovering RUP

Topic 2: .NET Distributed Architecture

Topic 3: .NET Web Technology and ASP.NET

Topic 4: .NET Framework Versions and Multi-Targeting

Topic 5: The New APIs – An Overview

Topic 6: The .NET Answer

Topic 7: Assemblies and Namespaces

Topic 8: The Visual Studio .NET Environment

Topic 9: Providing XML Schema Intellisense

Module 2: SharePoint Architecture and Features

Topic 1: The Content-View Separation

Topic 2: SharePoint Overview

Topic 3: SharePoint New Features

Topic 4: SharePoint Server Architecture

Topic 5: The New Architecture of Services

Topic 6: Creating a Sharepoint Site

Topic 7: About Customised and Uncustomised Sharepoint Pages

Topic 8: The Default Structure of Default.master

Topic 9: SharePoint Hidden Query Strings

Topic 10: Sharepoint Web Services

Module 3: Creating and Using Sharepoint Contents

Topic 1: Working with Lists and Document Libraries

Topic 2: Content Versioning and Content Approval

Topic 3: The Custom List

Topic 4: About Site Content Types and Site Columns

Topic 5: Creating and Using Views

Topic 6: Creating Web Pages

Topic 7: Web Parts Essentials

Topic 8: Deleting and Moving Web Parts

Module 4: Sharepoint Customisation

Topic 1: Sharepoint Site Definitions

Topic 2: Site Definitions and Common Files

Topic 3: Creating a Custom Site Definition – Step by Step

Topic 4: Creating Custom Field Types

Topic 5: Creating Sharepoint Features

Topic 6: Creating SharePoint Solutions

Topic 7: Deploying Solutions

Topic 8: SharePoint Event Handlers

Module 5: Web Part Programming

Topic 1: WebParts Classes and Namespaces

Topic 2: Overview of the Web Part Creation Process

Topic 3: Developing a Simple Web Part

Topic 4: Deploying a Custom Web Part

Topic 5: Creating a Provider Web Part

Topic 6: Connecting a Provider to a Consumer

Module 6: ASP .NET Integration

Topic 1: Understanding the Role of the GAC

Topic 2: Developing ASP .NET Content for SharePoint

Topic 3: Developing Web Forms for SharePoint

Topic 4: Developing Custom Code Segments for SharePoint

Topic 5: Developing Services for SharePoint

Topic 6: SharePoint Integration

Module 7: SharePoint Workflows

Topic 1: SharePoint 2007 Workflows Overview

Topic 2: SharePoint Workflow Terminology

Topic 3: Using Out-of-the-Box Workflows in MOSS 2007

Topic 4: Adding a Workflow to Document Library

Topic 5: SharePoint Designer Custom Workflows

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