The Complete SharePoint Development Course
(SPTPR10, Live Instructor-Led Training, 5 days)


This SETC Certified course takes participants on an exploration of the SharePoint development discipline. Beginning with an understanding of the base SharePoint architecture, participants are taught how to customise and enhance the out-of the box features of SharePoint 2010. In the course of their learning, participants will be introduced to content types and columns, custom site templates and styles as well as the creation of custom web parts, features and fields. In addition, the development of ASP .NET web forms for Sharepoint is also covered. In the end, participants learn to customise just about any of the many features of SharePoint.

Dates and Pricing

Dec 4 to Dec 8, 2017$2,500/person Jan 22 to Jan 26, 2018$2,500/person Feb 19 to Feb 23, 2018$2,500/person Mar 19 to Mar 23, 2018$2,500/person


Framework and Architecture Essentials
The Systems Development Lifecycle: Discovering RUP
.NET Distributed Architecture
.NET Web Technology and ASP.NET
.NET Framework Versions and Multi-Targeting
The New APIs – An Overview
The .NET Answer
Assemblies and Namespaces
The Visual Studio .NET Environment
Providing XML Schema Intellisense
SharePoint Architecture and Features
The Content-View Separation
SharePoint Overview
SharePoint New Features
SharePoint Server Architecture
The New Architecture of Services
Creating a Sharepoint Site
About Customised and Uncustomised Sharepoint Pages
The Default Structure of Default.master
SharePoint Hidden Query Strings
Sharepoint Web Services
Creating and Using Sharepoint Contents
Working with Lists and Document Libraries
Content Versioning and Content Approval
The Custom List
About Site Content Types and Site Columns
Creating and Using Views
Creating Web Pages
Web Parts Essentials
Deleting and Moving Web Parts
Sharepoint Customisation
Sharepoint Site Definitions
Site Definitions and Common Files
Creating a Custom Site Definition – Step by Step
Creating Custom Field Types
Creating Sharepoint Features
Creating SharePoint Solutions
Deploying Solutions
SharePoint Event Handlers
Web Part Programming
WebParts Classes and Namespaces
Overview of the Web Part Creation Process
Developing a Simple Web Part
Deploying a Custom Web Part
Creating a Provider Web Part
Connecting a Provider to a Consumer
ASP .NET Integration
Understanding the Role of the GAC
Developing ASP .NET Content for SharePoint
Developing Web Forms for SharePoint
Developing Custom Code Segments for SharePoint
Developing Services for SharePoint
SharePoint Integration
SharePoint Workflows
SharePoint 2007 Workflows Overview
SharePoint Workflow Terminology
Using Out-of-the-Box Workflows in MOSS 2007
Adding a Workflow to Document Library
SharePoint Designer Custom Workflows