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Great interaction with the instructor. The instructor was able to address my specific questions very well.
Comment from DND

1. Title

  • SQL Server Core Administration Skills (SQLLSEC, 4 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Previous database administration experience

3. Target Audience

  • Database administators who want to administer a SQL Server database server

4. Dates and Pricing

2 People for Guaranteed Live or Virtual Delivery $2,775.00 per person

5. Outline

Module 1: Application Architecture

Topic 1: The Application Tiers: 1, 2 and 3-Tiered Applications

Topic 2: Distributed Applications: Technology and Infrastructure

Topic 3: Web Applications: Technology and Infrastructure.

Topic 4: SQL Server Features and Services

Module 2: Database Essentials

Topic 1: The Relational Database Management System: SQL Server

Topic 2: Creating Tables

Topic 3: Schemas

Topic 4: Implementing Database Integrity

Topic 5: Domain Integrity

Topic 6: Entity Integrity: Primary Keys

Topic 7: Referential Integrity: Foreign Keys

Topic 8: Retrieving Table and Constraint Information

Module 3: Manipulating Data

Topic 1: The Basic SELECT Statement

Topic 2: Retrieving Aggregate Values

Topic 3: Modifying Data

Topic 4: Selecting From Multiple Tables

Topic 5: Sub-Queries

Topic 6: Implementing Views

Module 4: TSQL Programming

Topic 1: Declaring and Using Variables

Topic 2: String Functions

Topic 3: Using the XML Data Type

Topic 4: Using XQuery

Topic 5: DateTime Functions

Topic 6: SQL Server NULL Value Functions

Topic 7: Implementing Error Handling

Topic 8: Creating Functions

Topic 9: Stored Procedures

Topic 10: Triggers

Module 5: Indexes

Topic 1: Index Architecture

Topic 2: Planning Indexes

Topic 3: Managing Table Data

Topic 4: Rebuilding Indexes

Topic 5: Creating Full Text Indexes

Module 6: Jobs and Alerts

Topic 1: Scheduling and Using Jobs Tasks

Topic 2: Using Job Operators

Topic 3: Creating Jobs and Tasks Using Management Studio

Module 7: Server Security

Topic 1: Authorization and Authentication

Topic 2: SQL Server Security

Topic 3: Creating Logins

Topic 4: Creating Users

Topic 5: Assigning Permissions

Module 8: Backup and Recovery

Topic 1: SQL Server Logging

Topic 2: Performing Database Backups

Topic 3: Recovery

Module 9: A Complete System Administration Lab for SQL Server

Module 10:

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