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LINUX Training

Trainer was well prepared. Course was very interesting.
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1. Title

  • UNIX/LINUX Core Administration Skills (UCORE, 5 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Working knowledge of Unix or Linux

3. Target Audience

  • Unix or Linux Administrators

4. Dates and Pricing

2 People for Guaranteed Live or Virtual Delivery $2,775.00 per person

5. Outline

Module 1: UNIX/LINUX system essentials

Topic 1: The UNIX/LINUX Architecture

Topic 2: UNIX/LINUX shells

Topic 3: Files, directories, links

Topic 4: UNIX/LINUX hierarchy

Topic 5: Basic UNIX/LINUX Commands

Topic 6: Shutting down UNIX/LINUX

Module 2: Installing UNIX/LINUX

Topic 1: UNIX/LINUX Startup

Topic 2: About Daemon Threads

Topic 3: UNIX/LINUX Memory Architecture

Topic 4: Virtual Memory and Memory Usage

Topic 5: UNIX/LINUX Hard Disk Architecture

Topic 6: About Partitioning

Module 3: File Systems and Printing

Topic 1: UNIX/LINUX, DOS and CD-ROM file systems

Topic 2: Making File Systems

Topic 3: Mounting File Systems

Topic 4: Checking Consistency

Topic 5: File System Configuration

Topic 6: Configuring Printing Services

Module 4: UNIX/LINUX Security

Topic 1: The UNIX/LINUX Security Architecture

Topic 2: The Root and the Super-User

Topic 3: Setting up User Accounts

Topic 4: Start-up Files

Topic 5: Password Policies and Aging

Topic 6: Directory Security

Topic 7: Scripting for Security

Topic 8: Intrusion Detection

Topic 9: Remote Access

Module 5: Software Distribution

Topic 1: Installation Overview

Topic 2: Adding packages

Topic 3: Removing packages

Module 6: Backup and Recovery

Topic 1: The Need for Backups

Topic 2: Planning for Backups

Topic 3: UNIX/LINUX Backup Utilities

Topic 4: Performing the Backup

Topic 5: The Restore Strategy

Topic 6: The Restore Process

Module 7: Monitoring

Topic 1: Overview of Monitoring Tools

Topic 2: Checking Disk Usage

Topic 3: Checking Memory Use

Topic 4: Tracking Processes

Topic 5: Kernel Configuration

Module 8: Networking

Topic 1: TCP-IP Overview

Topic 2: Planning IP Addresses

Topic 3: Using Remote Commands

Topic 4: Using the Secure Shell

Module 9: Network Applications

Topic 1: Network Services Overview

Topic 2: DNS

Topic 3: DNS Utilities

Topic 4: DHCP

Topic 5: File and print sharing

Topic 6: NIS and NFS configuration

Topic 7: Setting up the Automounter

Topic 8: Configuring a print server

Module 10: System Administration Checklist

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