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LINUX Training

I really liked the fact that we could follow using the manual PDF files on our individual machines. This allowed to easily/quickly scroll back/forth the slides without having to interrupt the class to ask to go back to certain slides when needing to review something. This also allowed to easily search within the manual for specific keywords while doing exercises
Comment from Mitel

1. Title

  • UNIX/LINUX Core Administration Skills (UCORE, 5 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Working knowledge of Unix or Linux

3. Target Audience

  • Unix or Linux Administrators

4. Dates and Pricing

2 People for Guaranteed Live or Virtual Delivery $2,775.00 per person

5. Outline

Module 1: UNIX/LINUX system essentials

Topic 1: The UNIX/LINUX Architecture

Topic 2: UNIX/LINUX shells

Topic 3: Files, directories, links

Topic 4: UNIX/LINUX hierarchy

Topic 5: Basic UNIX/LINUX Commands

Topic 6: Shutting down UNIX/LINUX

Module 2: Installing UNIX/LINUX

Topic 1: UNIX/LINUX Startup

Topic 2: About Daemon Threads

Topic 3: UNIX/LINUX Memory Architecture

Topic 4: Virtual Memory and Memory Usage

Topic 5: UNIX/LINUX Hard Disk Architecture

Topic 6: About Partitioning

Module 3: File Systems and Printing

Topic 1: UNIX/LINUX, DOS and CD-ROM file systems

Topic 2: Making File Systems

Topic 3: Mounting File Systems

Topic 4: Checking Consistency

Topic 5: File System Configuration

Topic 6: Configuring Printing Services

Module 4: UNIX/LINUX Security

Topic 1: The UNIX/LINUX Security Architecture

Topic 2: The Root and the Super-User

Topic 3: Setting up User Accounts

Topic 4: Start-up Files

Topic 5: Password Policies and Aging

Topic 6: Directory Security

Topic 7: Scripting for Security

Topic 8: Intrusion Detection

Topic 9: Remote Access

Module 5: Software Distribution

Topic 1: Installation Overview

Topic 2: Adding packages

Topic 3: Removing packages

Module 6: Backup and Recovery

Topic 1: The Need for Backups

Topic 2: Planning for Backups

Topic 3: UNIX/LINUX Backup Utilities

Topic 4: Performing the Backup

Topic 5: The Restore Strategy

Topic 6: The Restore Process

Module 7: Monitoring

Topic 1: Overview of Monitoring Tools

Topic 2: Checking Disk Usage

Topic 3: Checking Memory Use

Topic 4: Tracking Processes

Topic 5: Kernel Configuration

Module 8: Networking

Topic 1: TCP-IP Overview

Topic 2: Planning IP Addresses

Topic 3: Using Remote Commands

Topic 4: Using the Secure Shell

Module 9: Network Applications

Topic 1: Network Services Overview

Topic 2: DNS

Topic 3: DNS Utilities

Topic 4: DHCP

Topic 5: File and print sharing

Topic 6: NIS and NFS configuration

Topic 7: Setting up the Automounter

Topic 8: Configuring a print server

Module 10: System Administration Checklist

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