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LINUX Training

I really enjoyed the course especially the team work, discussions and exercises were actually fun to do ! Great Instructor !
Comment from HRSDC

1. Title

  • The Complete UNIX-LINUX Shell Scripting Course (UNXSHELL, 4 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Previous structured programming experience

3. Target Audience

  • IT professionals who want to write powerful shell scripts

4. Dates and Pricing

Sep 12 to Sep 15, 2017$2,775.00/person
Dec 5 to Dec 8, 2017$2,775.00/person

5. Outline

Module 1: Getting Started

Topic 1: The Need for a Shell

Topic 2: Running Shell Scripts

Topic 3: Debugging Shell Scripts

Topic 4: Available Shells

Topic 5: About Csh

Topic 6: About Bash : Bourne Shell

Topic 7: About Kornshell

Topic 8: About Zsh

Topic 9: About Tcsh

Topic 10: Choosing the Right Shell

Topic 11: Obtaining Help with Man Pages

Module 2: Text Editing

Topic 1: Linux Text Editors

Topic 2: The Pico Editor

Topic 3: The Nedit Editor

Topic 4: The Emacs Text Editor

Topic 5: The Vi Text Editor Family

Module 3: The Vi Editor

Topic 1: What Is Vi

Topic 2: Review of Vi Commands

Topic 3: Vi Buffering

Topic 4: Command Mode and Insert Mode

Topic 5: Moving the Cursor Around

Topic 6: Inserting Text

Topic 7: Deleting a Character Or Line

Topic 8: Undo Last Command

Topic 9: Opening a New Line

Topic 10: Save Your Work Or Abort the Session

Module 4: More Editing with Vi – If Time Permits

Topic 1: Scrolling the Buffer

Topic 2: The Join Command

Topic 3: The File Command - :f

Topic 4: Edit File Command - :e

Topic 5: Cut and Paste Between Files

Topic 6: Read File Command - :r

Topic 7: Set Options Command

Topic 8: Set Options Command - .exrc File

Topic 9: Cursor Motion Commands - W,w,b,b,e,e

Topic 10: Cursor Motion Commands - $,^,0,g

Topic 11: Cursor Motion Commands - F,t,f,t

Topic 12: Delete Operator - D

Topic 13: Change Operator - C

Topic 14: Yank Operator - Y

Topic 15: Put Commands - P,p

Topic 16: Searching for a Pattern - /,n,n

Module 5: Using the Shell

Topic 1: The Command Line

Topic 2: Standard Input, Standard Output and Error

Topic 3: Using Default Standard In and Output

Topic 4: I/o Redirection

Topic 5: I/o Redirection - Examples

Topic 6: I/o Redirection - Warning

Topic 7: Appending Output of a File

Topic 8: Pipes

Topic 9: The Tee Utility

Module 6: Filename Generation

Topic 1: Filename Generation

Topic 2: The ? Special Character

Topic 3: The * Special Character

Topic 4: The [ ] Special Characters

Topic 5: The ! Special Character

Module 7: Processes

Topic 1: What Is a Process

Topic 2: Process Structure

Topic 3: The Ps Utility

Topic 4: Options To the Ps Utility

Topic 5: Background Commands

Topic 6: Killing Background Processes

Topic 7: Redirecting the Standard Error

Module 8: Shell Programming Concepts

Topic 1: What Is a Shell

Topic 2: Which Shell

Topic 3: What Is a Shell Script

Topic 4: Why Use Shell Scripts

Module 9: Flow Control

Topic 1: The Exit Status of Commands

Topic 2: Command Line Examples

Topic 3: The Test Command

Topic 4: The If-then-else Construct

Topic 5: The Elif Construct

Topic 6: A Loop Example

Module 10: Variables

Topic 1: User Created Variables

Topic 2: The Read Command

Topic 3: The Shell Environment

Topic 4: The Export Command

Topic 5: Subshells

Topic 6: Command Substitution

Topic 7: Quoting Mechanisms

Topic 8: Assigning Variables Summary

Module 11: Special Variables

Topic 2: - Number of Arguments

Topic 3: The Shift Command

Topic 4: - All Arguments

Topic 5: - Pid of Shell

Module 12: More Flow Control

Topic 1: The for Loop

Topic 2: The While Loop

Topic 3: The Case Construct

Module 13: Common Unix Filters

Topic 1: Editing the Output of Commands with the Stream Editor Sed

Topic 2: Translating Characters with Tr

Topic 3: Sorting Files and Command Output

Topic 4: Comparing Different Versions of Files

Topic 5: Using Other Common Filters: Cut, Uniq & Tee

Topic 6: Combining Filters for Complex Text Processing

Topic 7: Executing Filter Commands with Find

Module 14: Restructuring Data with Awk

Topic 1: Testing and Extracting Fields From Structured Input

Topic 2: Searching Files with Multiline Records

Topic 3: Performing Arithmetic Calculations

Topic 4: Writing Useful Awk One-liners

Topic 5: Matching Patterns with Extended Regular Expressions

Topic 6: Modifying Awk Default Behaviors

Topic 7: Calling Awk Built-in Functions

Topic 8: Using Awk Control Constructs for Testing and Looping

Topic 9: Storing Data in Arrays

Topic 10: Formatting Output Using Printf

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