Microsoft Visio Complete: Mastering Graphics Creation
(VISIOP, Live Instructor-Led Training, 2 days)

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2 People for Delivery $1,150/person


Getting Starter with Microsoft Visio
Navigating Microsoft Visio
Exploring the Ribbon and its features
Choosing Shapes
Resizing Shapes
Setting Visio Options
Working with Stencils
Searching for Shapes
Saving Diagrams: Types and Options
Exercise: Creating a Basic Diagram
Working with Diagrams
Setting Visio Options
Setting Diagram Information
Working with Pages
Page Setup: Paper Size, Margins and More
Working with Templates: Finding the Right Template
Working with Themes: Creating and Using Them
Exercise: Preparing for Diagram Creation
Working with Shapes
Overview of Available Shapes
Formatting a Shape: Fill Pattern, Font, Size, Weight and Borders
Adding Text to a Shape
Formatting Shape Text
Connecting Shapes
Formatting Shape Connections
Working with Objects and ClipArt
Advanced Shape Formatting
Exercise: Creating a Complete Diagram
More on Shapes
Working with Comments
Working with Layers
About Shape Alignment and Ordering
Working with Shape Alignment
Working with Shape Ordering
About Locking and Unlocking Shapes
Working with Gridlines and Shape
Working with Visio Extras
Printing Visio Diagrams
Exercise: Creating the diagram that you want
Overview of Available Stencils
Choosing a Stencil
Creating a Stencil
Editing Stencils
Exercise: Creating a custom stencil
Business Process Mapping
About Business Processes and the role of Business Process Diagrams
Introduction to Basic BPM Shapes
Creating a Business Process Diagram
Working with Outlines
Creating a Workflow
More on Business Process Diagrams
Exercise: Creating a business process map
A Few Additional Diagrams
Software Design Diagrams: UML