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VMWare Training

Great instructor and hands-on course material.
Comment from Canada Council for the Arts

1. Title

  • Professional VMWare View: Install, Manage, Configure and Tune (VMVIEW, 4 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Previous experience in a corporate IT environment.

3. Target Audience

  • IT Professionals who want to install and maintain a production VMWare View based environment

4. Dates and Pricing

Oct 31 to Nov 3, 2017$2,500.00/person

5. Outline

Module 1: An Introduction to VMWare View

Topic 1: The Need for Virtualization

Topic 2: The Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtualization: Consolidation and Integration

Topic 3: Components of a Data Center

Topic 4: Virtualization and the Data Center

Topic 5: About the VMWare Family of Products

Topic 6: The Role of vSphere

Topic 7: The Role VMWare View

Topic 8: VMWare View Features and Components

Topic 9: Installation and Configuration of the VMWare View Connection Server

Topic 10: Verifying the Installation

Module 2: More on Configuration

Topic 1: Overview of Configuration Steps

Topic 2: About VMware View Agent

Topic 3: About PCoIP

Topic 4: About Remote Display Protocols

Topic 5: About USB Redirection

Topic 6: About MultiMedia Redirection

Module 3: VMware View Client Options

Topic 1: Understanding the VMware View Client

Topic 2: Working in Local Mode

Topic 3: About Working with Thin Clients

Topic 4: About Printing in View Clients

Module 4: Mastering VMware View Administrator

Topic 1: View Environment Configuration

Topic 2: Security Requirements: An Overview

Topic 3: About Users, Sessions, and Policies: Implementation Details

Topic 4: Configuration and Provision of Automated Desktop Pools

Topic 5: Delegating Administration with Role Based Security

Topic 6: ThinApp Application Management

Topic 7: About Management and Monitoring

Topic 8: Best Practices and Things to Avoid

Module 5: Mastering Linked Clones

Topic 1: Overview of Concepts

Topic 2: About View Composer

Topic 3: Linked Clone Desktops: Deployment and Provision

Topic 4: Linked Clone Desktops: Management

Topic 5: Working with Persistent Disks

Topic 6: Best Practices and Things to Avoid

Module 6: Managing View Personas

Topic 1: Overview of Concepts

Topic 2: Creating and Managing User Profiles

Topic 3: About Personas and Roaming Profiles

Topic 4: About Persona Management Deployment

Topic 5: Best Practices and Things to Avoid

Module 7: Working with Local Mode Desktops

Topic 1: Overview of Concepts

Topic 2: Local Mode Confguration

Topic 3: About the View Transfer Server

Topic 4: About the View Transfer Server Repository

Topic 5: Working with Local Mode

Topic 6: Best Practices and Things to Avoid

Module 8: About VMWare View Security

Topic 1: Overview of Concepts

Topic 2: Exploring the Topology

Topic 3: Installing and Configuring the Security Server

Topic 4: Exploring the Network Configuration

Topic 5: Exploring Authentication Options

Topic 6: Best Practices and Things to Avoid

Module 9: Exploring VMware ThinApp

Topic 1: Overview of Concepts

Topic 2: About ThinApp Application Capture

Topic 3: ThinApp Package Deployment

Topic 4: Best Practices and Things to Avoid

Module 10: Performance Tuning, Load Balancing and fault Tolerance

Topic 1: Overview of VMWare View Performance Characteristics

Topic 2: The Tools of the Performance Trade

Topic 3: Measuring Performance

Topic 4: About Replica Connection Servers

Topic 5: The Need for Load Balancing

Topic 6: Implementing Load Balancing

Topic 7: Backing up VMWare Databases

Topic 8: Restoring VMWare View Databases

Topic 9: Best Practices and Things to Avoid

Module 11: Exploring the Command Line Environment

Topic 1: Overview of Command Line Tools

Topic 2: About the vdmadmin Utility

Topic 3: About Client Systems in Kiosk Mode

Topic 4: Exploring Third Party Tools

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