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VOIP Training

I am enjoying the ability to control the guide and therefore streamline my queries... beyond that the classroom is set up well, the instructor does a good job of identifying weaknesses in understanding and elaborating further.
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1. Title

  • The Convergence of Voice and Data Over IP: Exploring VOIP (VOIP101, 4 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Participants should have a good fundamental knowledge of telecommunications infrastructure and its use in a modern network to transport data and voice

3. Target Audience

  • Telecommunications professionals who want to learn the theory and practice of VOIP implementations.

4. Dates and Pricing

Oct 16 to Oct 19, 2017$2,775.00/person

5. Outline

Module 1: PSTN and VOIP

Topic 1: PSTN Basics

Topic 2: PSTN Services and Applications

Topic 3: Packet Telephone Network Drivers

Topic 4: Overview of VOIP

Topic 5: VOIP Control Layers

Topic 6: New PSTN Network Infrastructure

Topic 7: Comparing Enterprise Telephony and PSTN

Topic 8: Enterprise Telephony Design: PSTN Based vs Private

Module 2: Essentials of Telephony

Topic 1: Signaling Overview

Topic 2: E and M Signaling

Topic 3: ISBN

Topic 4: CAS

Topic 5: QSIG

Topic 6: DPNSS

Topic 7: SS7

Module 3: PSYN Services

Topic 1: Plain Old Telephony Systems

Topic 2: Integrated Services Digital Network

Topic 3: Business Services

Topic 4: Service Provider Services

Module 4: VOIP Technology Essentials

Topic 1: VOIP Benefits and Applications

Topic 2: The TCP-IP Protocol Stack

Topic 3: About Subnetting

Topic 4: About IPv6

Topic 5: Routing Protocols

Topic 6: Transport Layer Protocols: UDP versus TCP

Topic 7: IP and VOIP

Module 5: The Details of VOIP Technology

Topic 1: About Delay and Latency

Topic 2: About Jitter

Topic 3: Pulse Code Modulation

Topic 4: Voice Compression

Topic 5: Echo

Topic 6: Packet Loss

Topic 7: Voice Activity Detection

Topic 8: Digital to Analog Conversion

Topic 9: Tandem Encoding

Topic 10: Transport Protocols: RTP and RUTP

Topic 11: Dial Plan Design

Topic 12: End Office Switch Call Flow versus IP Phone Call

Module 6: Quality of Service

Topic 1: What is QoS

Topic 2: Edge Functions

Topic 3: Traffic Policing

Topic 4: About Backbone Networks

Topic 5: QoS Best Practices

Module 7: IP Signaling Protocols

Topic 1: Signaling Protocols Overview

Topic 2: H.323 Protocol Suite

Topic 3: H.323 Call Flows

Topic 4: Session Initiation Protocol

Topic 5: Gateway Control Protocols

Module 8: the Virtual Switch Controller

Topic 1: Overview

Topic 2: Open Packet Telephony

Topic 3: The Packet Voice Network

Topic 4: Virtual Switch Architecture

Topic 5: Virtual Switch Implementation

Module 9: VOIP Implementation

Topic 1: Overview of Implementation Steps

Topic 2: Configuration Issues

Topic 3: Applications and Services

Topic 4: A Detailed Case Study

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