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VOIP Training

Course was work related. Found it very relative to what we are doing today. Instructor was bilingual and answered questions in both official languages.
Comment from Shared Services Canada

1. Title

  • The Convergence of Voice and Data Over IP: Exploring VOIP (VOIP101, 4 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Participants should have a good fundamental knowledge of telecommunications infrastructure and its use in a modern network to transport data and voice

3. Target Audience

  • Telecommunications professionals who want to learn the theory and practice of VOIP implementations.

4. Dates and Pricing

Jul 18 to Jul 21, 2017$2,775.00/person
Oct 16 to Oct 19, 2017$2,775.00/person

5. Outline

Module 1: PSTN and VOIP

Topic 1: PSTN Basics

Topic 2: PSTN Services and Applications

Topic 3: Packet Telephone Network Drivers

Topic 4: Overview of VOIP

Topic 5: VOIP Control Layers

Topic 6: New PSTN Network Infrastructure

Topic 7: Comparing Enterprise Telephony and PSTN

Topic 8: Enterprise Telephony Design: PSTN Based vs Private

Module 2: Essentials of Telephony

Topic 1: Signaling Overview

Topic 2: E and M Signaling

Topic 3: ISBN

Topic 4: CAS

Topic 5: QSIG

Topic 6: DPNSS

Topic 7: SS7

Module 3: PSYN Services

Topic 1: Plain Old Telephony Systems

Topic 2: Integrated Services Digital Network

Topic 3: Business Services

Topic 4: Service Provider Services

Module 4: VOIP Technology Essentials

Topic 1: VOIP Benefits and Applications

Topic 2: The TCP-IP Protocol Stack

Topic 3: About Subnetting

Topic 4: About IPv6

Topic 5: Routing Protocols

Topic 6: Transport Layer Protocols: UDP versus TCP

Topic 7: IP and VOIP

Module 5: The Details of VOIP Technology

Topic 1: About Delay and Latency

Topic 2: About Jitter

Topic 3: Pulse Code Modulation

Topic 4: Voice Compression

Topic 5: Echo

Topic 6: Packet Loss

Topic 7: Voice Activity Detection

Topic 8: Digital to Analog Conversion

Topic 9: Tandem Encoding

Topic 10: Transport Protocols: RTP and RUTP

Topic 11: Dial Plan Design

Topic 12: End Office Switch Call Flow versus IP Phone Call

Module 6: Quality of Service

Topic 1: What is QoS

Topic 2: Edge Functions

Topic 3: Traffic Policing

Topic 4: About Backbone Networks

Topic 5: QoS Best Practices

Module 7: IP Signaling Protocols

Topic 1: Signaling Protocols Overview

Topic 2: H.323 Protocol Suite

Topic 3: H.323 Call Flows

Topic 4: Session Initiation Protocol

Topic 5: Gateway Control Protocols

Module 8: the Virtual Switch Controller

Topic 1: Overview

Topic 2: Open Packet Telephony

Topic 3: The Packet Voice Network

Topic 4: Virtual Switch Architecture

Topic 5: Virtual Switch Implementation

Module 9: VOIP Implementation

Topic 1: Overview of Implementation Steps

Topic 2: Configuration Issues

Topic 3: Applications and Services

Topic 4: A Detailed Case Study

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