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You have well-trained, knowledgeable and empathetic instructors delivering your courses. They all deliver their courses with enthusiasm and every student is important and more important, every student is able to use the knowledge gained from your courses because your instructors care, were willing to answer many questions and made it an inter-active training session.
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1. Title

  • Application Testing with Visual Studio .NET: The Complete Course for IT Professionals (VSTEST, 4 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Previous experience in an aplication testing role

3. Target Audience

  • IT Professionals who want to learn how to plan and exceute testing activities with Visual Studio .NET

4. Dates and Pricing

Oct 10 to Oct 13, 2017$2,775.00/person

5. Outline

Module 1: Visual Studio Test Types

Topic 1: Software testing in Visual Studio 2012

Topic 2: Testing as part of software development life cycle

Topic 3: Types of testing

Topic 4: Test management in Visual Studio 2012

Topic 5: Microsoft Test Manager

Module 2: Test Plan, Test Suite, and Manual Testing

Topic 1: Test Plan

Topic 2: Test Suite and its types

Topic 3: Running manual tests

Topic 4: Shared steps and action recording for shared steps

Topic 5: Adding parameters to manual tests

Module 3: Automated Tests and Unit Testing

Topic 1: Coded UI tests from action recordings

Topic 2: Creating unit tests

Topic 3: Assert statements

Topic 4: Unit Tests and Generics

Topic 5: Data-driven unit testing

Topic 6: Unit Testing using Fakes

Topic 7: Code coverage unit test

Module 4: Web Performance Test

Topic 1: Creating the web performance test

Topic 2: Web performance test editor

Topic 3: Debugging and running the web test

Topic 4: Dynamic parameters in web testing

Topic 5: Coded web test

Topic 6: Debugging coded web test

Topic 7: Custom rules

Module 5: Other Forms of Testing

Topic 1: Creating a Load Test

Topic 2: Ordered tests

Topic 3: Generic tests

Module 6: Configuration and the Command Line

Topic 1: Using Test settings

Topic 2: VSTest.Console utility

Topic 3: MSTest utility

Topic 4: Test Runs and Test Results

Module 7: Reporting

Topic 1: Exploratory testing

Topic 2: Reports using Team Foundation Server

Topic 3: Creating a report definition using Visual Studio 2012

Topic 4: Connecting to Team Project

Topic 5: Testing Center

Module 8: Testing .NET Technologies

Topic 1: Testing Object Oriented Applications: Finding Code Smells

Topic 2: Testing Database Access

Topic 3: Testing ASP .NET Applications

Topic 4: Web Service Technologies

Topic 5: Application Configuration

Topic 6: GAC DLLs

Topic 7: Overall Application Security

Topic 8: Application Performance

Topic 9: Change Management: About Regression Testing

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