Working with Visual Studio 2010: Becoming a Wizard
(VSTUDIOI, Live Instructor-Led Training, 1 days)


This SETC certified course provides participants with a comprehensive tour of the Visual Studio 2010 IDE and its many functional features. Beginning with the interface, the course covers the skills and knowledge that every developer should know if they work in a Visual Studio 2010 environment. Participants are shown how to navigate the IDE and its many windows and views and are taught how to customize the environment as a function of their needs. We discuss creating projects and solutions as well as namespace and assembly management, build configurations and macro usage. We also discuss the use and customization of keyboard shortcuts.

Dates and Pricing

Jan 8 to Jan 8, 2018$650/person Feb 5 to Feb 5, 2018$650/person Mar 5 to Mar 5, 2018$650/person


Working with Visual Studio
Introduction to the Visual Studio Environment
About Projects, Solutions and Code Files
Creating a Solution that Works
Adding Projects to a Solution
Understanding Project Types
Setting Project Properties
Setting User Options and Preferences
Working with Views and Windows
Help and Documentation
Using the Visual Studio Help Facility
Using the Class Viewer
Using the Object Explorer
A Few Useful Shortcuts
Working with and Configuring Add-Ins
A Few Useful Add-Ins
Working with Visual Studio
Creating a Solution
Adding Projects to a Solution
Setting Assembly Properties: Default Namespace and Assembly Name
Setting the Target .NET Version
Setting Compilation Options
Adding AutoComment Tags
Creating and Managing Build Configurations
Customizing the Visual Studio Environment
Setting User Preferences
Setting Code Formatting Options
Setting Default Values and Locations
Setting Editor Preferences
Setting Editor Defaults
Setting Web Development Options
Setting XML Preferences and Options
Keyboard Shortcuts and Macros
An Overview of Environment Profiles
Managing Profiles
Creating Custom Shortcuts
About Macros
Creating Macros
Executing Macros
Other Useful Tips and Options
Mastering Debugging
About Debugging Out of Process Components
Setting and Working with Breakpoints
Debugging like a Pro: Keyboards and Efficiency
About Debugging Enterprise Applications