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IT Security Training

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1. Title

  • Windows Server Advanced Security (W8ASEV, 5 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Extensive system Administration experience

3. Target Audience

  • System Administrators who want to protect their Windows Server based environment.

4. Dates and Pricing

Sep 25 to Sep 29, 2017$2,775.00/person
Dec 4 to Dec 8, 2017$2,775.00/person

5. Outline

Module 1: Server Security and Malware

Topic 1: The Anatomy of an Attack

Topic 2: PDRP: Plan, Detect, Respond, Prevent

Topic 3: Threat Sources

Topic 4: Threat Categories

Topic 5: Dealing with Viruses

Topic 6: Dealing with Worms

Topic 7: Dealing with Spyware

Topic 8: Dealing with Email Attacks

Topic 9: Dealing with Malevolent Scripts

Topic 10: What about IIS, WCF and other Remote Access Technologies?

Topic 11: What about Application Servers?

Topic 12: About Windows Security Measures and Tools

Module 2: The Hacker View of Windows Server

Topic 1: About Authentication and Authorization

Topic 2: Security Architecture

Topic 3: Essential Security Principles

Topic 4: Forests, Trees and Domains

Topic 5: Exploring the SID

Topic 6: Server Authentication

Topic 7: Server Authorization

Topic 8: About Auditing and Logging

Module 3: Security Architecture Planning

Topic 1: Server Architecture

Topic 2: Defining a Maintenance Plan

Topic 3: About Change Control

Topic 4: About Contingency Planning

Topic 5: Service Minimization

Topic 6: Applying Patches

Topic 7: Implementing Honeypots

Module 4: Features and Tools

Topic 1: Secure Default Installation

Topic 2: About Usernames and Passwords

Topic 3: Internet Connection Firewall

Topic 4: Security Templates and Security Configuration

Topic 5: Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer

Topic 6: Using Group Policy

Topic 7: Using IPSec

Topic 8: The Encrypted File System

Topic 9: Windows File Protection

Module 5: Auditing

Topic 1: Implementing Auditing

Topic 2: Planning the Audit Strategy

Topic 3: Auditing from a Windows System

Topic 4: Auditing from a UNIX System

Module 6: Securing Applications

Topic 1: Protecting the HTTP and FTP Server

Topic 2: Protecting Mail Servers

Topic 3: Protecting DNS Servers

Topic 4: Protecting Desktop Applications

Topic 5: Protecting Corporate Applications

Module 7: Cryptography

Topic 1: About Cryptography

Topic 2: Overview of DES and AES

Topic 3: About Cryptographic Algorithms

Topic 4: Using EFS

Topic 5: What about SSL?

Topic 6: About Public Keys and Private Keys

Topic 7: Using SSL for Encrypted Communication

Module 8: Authentication

Topic 1: Authentication Overview

Topic 2: Basic Authentication

Topic 3: Kerberos Authentication

Topic 4: Kerberos Architecture

Topic 5: Kerberos and Group Policy

Topic 6: Windows Support for Kerberos

Topic 7: Windows Server and PKI

Module 9: VPNs and IPSec

Topic 1: VPN Essentials

Topic 2: About LAN to LAN VPNs

Topic 3: PPTP and L2TP for LAN to LAN VPNs

Topic 4: Implementing a Remote Access VPN

Topic 5: PPTP and L2TP for Remote Access VPNs

Topic 6: Using IPSec

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