Windows Server 2016 Troubleshooting and Diagnostics
(W8TROUB, Live Instructor-Led Training, 5 days)


This SETC Certified course focuses on troubleshooting methodologies with respect to troubleshooting a Windows Server 2008 environment. Topics include installation, network services, network applications, security and malware, files and printer installation and access, wireless devices and updates amongst others.

Dates and Pricing

Jan 15 to Jan 19, 2018$2,500/person Feb 12 to Feb 16, 2018$2,500/person Mar 12 to Mar 16, 2018$2,500/person


Troubleshooting Methodology
Troubleshooting: A Proposed Methodology
Investigating the Cause and Effect Relationship
Researching the Problem: Digging Deeper
Identifying Possible Solutions
Validating the Solution
Overview of Hardware Troubleshooting
Overview of Software Troubleshooting
Overview of Network Troubleshooting
Overview of Malware and Virus Troubleshooting
Other Troubleshooting Considerations
Troubleshoting an Installation
Tools for Troubleshooting
Setting up Remote Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting the Windows Start-up Process
Troubleshooting Hardware Problems
Troubleshooting Windows Services
Other Troubleshooting Considerations
Configuring Network Services
Overview of the Network Management Interface Tools
Setting up a Wired Network Connection
Setting up a Wireless Network Connection
Troubleshooting Network Connectivity Problems
Troubleshooting Active Directory Connection Problems
Exploring Command Line Tools for Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting Network Applications
Overview of Troubleshooting Tools
Troubleshooting DHCP
Troubleshooting DNS
Troubleshooting Network Traffic Problems
Troubleshooting Routers and Switches
Troubleshooting Active Directory Connection Problems
Security and Malware
About Running Applications in an Administrative Context
About Windows Defender and Windows Firewall
Threat Sources
Threat Categories
Dealing with Viruses
Dealing with Worms
Dealing with Spyware
Dealing with Email Attacks
Dealing with Malevolent Scripts
What About IIS, WCF and other Remote Access Technologies?
Files and Printing
About Sharing Files on a Network
Installing DFS
Administering DFS
Securing File Shares
Troubleshooting Remote Access Problems
Troubleshooting Printing Problems
Using Wireless Devices
Supported Wireless Interfaces
Using WIFI: Configuring and Connecting to Routers
Using Bluetooth Devices
About Synchronization
Securing Wireless Devices
Troubleshooting Wireless Devices
Optimizing Wireless Devices
Performance Tuning
Tools Overview
Using the Performance Monitor
Using Performance Information and Tools
Using the Process Explorer
Using the Memory Diagnostics Tool
Using a Memory Dump
About Disk Management
Ten Ways to Increase Server Performance
Installing Software and Updates
Configuring Windows Update
Installing, Configuring and Removing Software Application
Validating the Authenticity of Software
Troubleshooting Legacy Software Installation Problems
Removing Software
Troubleshooting Server Applications
A Comprehensive Troubleshooting Lab