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Very good introduction course, is very useful for my job and, through the course, discussed the next level with the trainer and realised that another course then the one I have chosen should be my next course. Guidance is excellent and I will be back for the second course I require in my job, and that course is the suggestion of the trainer. Excellent job!
Comment from RCMP

1. Title

  • Creating Accessible Content For Government Web Sites (WEBACC, 2 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Previous structured programming experience

3. Target Audience

  • IT professionals who want to write PHP based code

4. Dates and Pricing

2 People for Guaranteed Live or Virtual Delivery $1,150.00 per person

5. Outline

Module 1: XHTML Migration Essentials

Topic 1: What is XHTML?

Topic 2: Well Formed XHTML Pages

Topic 3: Why Migrate to XHTML?

Topic 4: XHTML Page Document Structure

Topic 5: XHTML and Common Look and Feel (CLF) 2.0

Topic 6: XHTML Migration and Accessibility

Topic 7: The XHTML Migration Environment

Module 2: Creating XHTML Strict Page Content

Topic 1: Building New XHTML Pages in HomeSite

Topic 2: Adding XHTML Text Content

Topic 3: Creating XHTML Hyperlinks and Bookmarks

Topic 4: Creating XHTML Pages Using CSS2

Topic 5: Using the CLF 2.0 Templates

Topic 6: Using CFIA XHTML Document Templates

Topic 7: CLF 2.0/CSS2 Class Migration

Module 3: Aligning/Laying Out Text and Graphics Content

Topic 1: Adding and Aligning Text and Graphics

Topic 2: Graphic and Table Text-Wrapping and Floating

Topic 3: Floated Image/Text and Table Examples

Topic 4: Indenting Text and Images

Module 4: Creating XHTML and Accessible Forms

Topic 1: Creating Basic XHTML Forms

Topic 2: Accessible XHTML Forms Overview

Topic 3: Using Form Labels

Topic 4: Using Fieldset to Group Form Elements

Topic 5: The Optgroup Element

Module 5: Creating Accessible XHTML Tables

Topic 1: Creating Basic XHTML Layout Tables

Topic 2: Accessible XHTML Tables Overview

Topic 3: Evaluating Table Accessibility

Topic 4: Creating Accessible Data Tables

Topic 5: Accessible Tables: Complete Examples

Module 6: Common Web Page Elements

Topic 1: Text Equivalents

Topic 2: Creating “Top of Page/Haut de la Page” Links

Topic 3: Creating Next/Previous Page Links

Topic 4: Document Format Links

Topic 5: Adding Decorative/Visual Formatting Images

Topic 6: Charts, Graphs, Maps and Complex Images

Module 7: Complete HTML-XHTML Document Migration

Topic 1: XHTML and CLF 2.0

Topic 2: XHTML Migration – First Steps

Topic 3: Formatting Lists

Topic 4: A note on Server Generated Code - .NET

Topic 5: A note on Server Generated Code - Java

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