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HTML and HTML5 Training

The group discussions were helpful and kept me engaged. Instructor was very knowledgeable about many topics. Great course!
Comment from Service Canada

1. Title

  • An Introduction to Accessible Web Development using WET 3.0, CSS and HTML5 (WETOVW, 2 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Previous HTML programming experience in a Government of Canada context

3. Target Audience

  • IT Professionals who want to learn the basics of WET

4. Dates and Pricing

2 People for Guaranteed Live or Virtual Delivery $1,250.00 per person

5. Outline

Module 1: Welcome to HTML5

Topic 1: The Need for HTML5

Topic 2: Migrating From HTML4 or XHTML

Topic 3: The HTML5 Page

Topic 4: Semantic Structure

Topic 5: The Browser Independence Challenge

Topic 6: About Internet Explorer Versions and Capabilities

Module 2: What’s Changed in HTML 5

Topic 1: Deprecated Tags

Topic 2: Unchanged Tags

Topic 3: Old Tags—New Meanings

Topic 4: HTML5 Links and Anchors

Module 3: What’s New in HTML 5

Topic 1: Global Attributes

Topic 2: Global Event Attributes

Topic 3: New Elements

Topic 4: The address Tag

Topic 5: Rich HTML Forms

Module 4: Exploring CSS v3

Topic 1: CSS3

Topic 2: Borders

Topic 3: Gradient Fills

Topic 4: Shadow

Topic 5: Outline

Topic 6: Dealing with Different Browser Implementations

Topic 7: Web Fonts

Topic 8: CSS Transition

Topic 9: Media Queries

Topic 10: End of the Box Model War

Module 5: Introducing the Web Experience Toolkit

Topic 1: The Core Framework

Topic 2: Exploring Framework Variants

Topic 3: A Closer Look and the Java Variant

Topic 4: Exploring WET Themes

Topic 5: Display Enhancement Features

Topic 6: Form Interface Features

Topic 7: Information Sharing Features

Topic 8: Navigation Enhancement Features

Topic 9: Personalisation Features

Topic 10: Utility Features

Topic 11: Web Management Features

Module 6: Digging Deeper into WET by Example

Topic 1: Using the Java Variant

Topic 2: WET Themes

Topic 3: Display Enhancement Features

Topic 4: Form Interface Features

Topic 5: Information Sharing Features

Topic 6: Navigation Enhancement Features

Topic 7: Personalisation Features

Topic 8: Utility Features

Topic 9: Web Management Features

Topic 10: A Complete Example

Module 7: Creating Accessible Content

Topic 1: The Basics of WCAG

Topic 2: The Perspective of a User with a Disability

Topic 3: About Creating Accessible Pages: Page Elements and Metadata

Topic 4: About Accessible Links, Images and Text

Topic 5: Creating Accessible Tables

Topic 6: Displaying Graphs in an Accessible Way

Topic 7: Making Multimedia Content Accessible

Topic 8: A Few Accessibility Dos and Don’ts

Topic 9: An Accessibility Checklist

Topic 10: A Complete Example

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