Mastering Windows 10: Installation, Management and Troubleshooting
(WIN10I, Live Instructor-Led Training, 4 days)

Dates and Pricing

Nov 28 to Dec 1, 2017$2,500/person Jan 16 to Jan 19, 2018$2,500/person Feb 13 to Feb 16, 2018$2,500/person Mar 13 to Mar 16, 2018$2,500/person


All About Windows 10
Exploring New Features in Windows 10
Top Productivity Tips with Windows 10
About Memory Usage in Windows 10
Key Performance Tools for Windows 10
About Configuration and Information Management Processes
A Formal Troubleshooting Methodology
Best Practices for Exceptional Customer Service
Windows 10 Installation
Overview of the Installation Process
Installing Windows 10
Configuring Networking and Names
Adding the Computer to a Domain
Exploring Remote Connectivity
Configuring the Firewall
Setting up Drives and Volumes
Configuring Security
Creating and Managing Shares
Adding and Removing Software
Troubleshooting the Boot Process
Exploring the Windows 10 Boot Process
Troubleshooting the Boot Process
Options for OS Recovery
Recovering using the Recovery Utility
Recovering using Backups
Troubleshooting the Local Machine
Common User Requests
Reading Log Events
Gathering Local Information
Troubleshooting Resolution
Troubleshooting Disks and Volumes
Troubleshooting Hardware Issues
Troubleshooting Software Issues
Troubleshooting Networking
Troubleshooting IPv4 Address Related Issues
Troubleshooting Name Resolution Issues
Troubleshooting Automatic Addressing Issues
Troubleshooting Firewall Related Issues
Troubleshooting Remote Access Issues
Troubleshooting and Managing Wireless Networks
A Note on Linux Interoperability
Troubleshooting in a Domain
About the Windows 10 Domain Client
Troubleshooting GPO Issues: Security
Troubleshooting GPO Issues: Software
Troubleshooting GPO Issues: Profiles and Logon Scripts
Troubleshooting Access Issues to Shares
Troubleshooting Access Issues to Printing Services
Troubleshooting Access Issues to Server Applications
Advanced Diagnostics
Using FDISK for Disk Management
Understanding Packet Structure
Using Wireshark for Network Packet Analysis
Using nmap and other Tools for Advanced Diagnostics
Delving into the Registry