The Complete Windows 7 Course for Professional Administrators
(WIN7COMP, Live Instructor-Led Training, 4 days)


This SETC Certified course introduces participants to the many new functional features of Windows 7. Starting with a discussion of Windows 7 features, the course proceeds through a step by step study of Windows 7 administrations from installation to maintenance. If you need to administer a Windows 7 corporate environment in an Active Directory setting, this is the course for you.

Dates and Pricing

Jan 23 to Jan 26, 2018$2,500/person Feb 20 to Feb 23, 2018$2,500/person Mar 20 to Mar 23, 2018$2,500/person


Introducing the Windows 7 Environment
About the 64 bit Version of Windows 7: Considerations
Customizing and Working with the Display and the Taskbar
Customizing and Working with the Start Menu
Exploring the Computer’s Hardware Configuration
Exploring File Systems
Exploring the Control Panel
Exploring the Computer’s Network Configuration
Exploring User Accounts and Permissions
Adding and Configuring Local Computer Accounts
About Least Privilege and Administrative Privilege
Installation and Boot
Planning for a Windows 7 Installation
Planning the Security Requirements
Performing an Installation
Verifying the Installation
Understanding Automated Installation Options
Preparing the Image
Using Windows PE
Understanding the Boot Process
Troubleshooting the Boot Process
Configuring and Troubleshooting Peripherals and Software
Adjusting Regional Settings and Available Languages
Adding Keyboards and Mice
Working with Removable Storage
An Important Note about 64 bit Software
Installing and Removing Software
Software Troubleshooting Tools
Working with Files and File Systems
Adding and Removing Hardware
About Legacy Hardware and Drivers
A Few Useful Troubleshooting Tools
Configuring the Network
Exploring the Network and Sharing Center
Configuring Network Devices
Working with Adapters
Creating and Working with Connections
Working with Connection Types
Configuring and Understanding IP Settings
Securing Internet Explorer
Working with Zones and Security Settings
A Few Useful Troubleshooting Tools
Configuring Network Components
About Windows 7 and Domain Functionality
Joining a Windows Domain: User and Computer
Adding and Configuring Network Printers
Working with Files and Permissions
Determining Effective Policy
Connecting to Remote File Systems
Connecting to Server Applications: SQL Server and SharePoint
A Few Useful Troubleshooting Tools
Windows 7 Advanced Security
Understanding Windows Domains
Creating and Working with Domain User Accounts
Creating and Working with Domain Groups
Managing Password Expiration and Strength
About Securing Resources
An Introduction to Group Policy
Managing Windows Firewall
Managing Virus Prevention
Protecting the Windows 7 Operating System
Troubleshooting and Monitoring
Touring Windows 7 Tools
Understanding the New Log Architecture
Reading and Configuring Logs
Backup and Restoration Options
A Troubleshooting Methodology
Troubleshooting Common Boot Process Problems
Troubleshooting Common Driver Problems
Troubleshooting Common Application Problems
Troubleshooting Application Compatibility Issues
Troubleshooting Common File System Problems
Troubleshooting Common Network Problems
Troubleshooting Common Security Problems
From Theory to Practice: A Troubleshooting Lab for Experienced Technicians