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Windows 10 Training

Our instructor is very knowledgeable of the subject. I like that we are able to ask very specific questions at any time during the course and get a complete and accurate answer.
Comment from FacilicorpNB

1. Title

  • Windows 7 for IT Professionals (WIN7UPG, 2 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • IT professionals who need to manage Windows 7 client machines

3. Target Audience

  • Systems professionals

4. Dates and Pricing

2 People for Guaranteed Live or Virtual Delivery $1,150.00 per person

5. Outline

Module 1: Introducing the Windows 7 Environment (As compared to Windows XP)

Topic 1: About the 64 bit Version of Windows 7: Considerations

Topic 2: Customizing and Working with the Display and the Taskbar

Topic 3: Customizing and Working with the Start Menu

Topic 4: Exploring the Computer’s Hardware Configuration

Topic 5: Exploring File Systems

Topic 6: Exploring the Control Panel

Topic 7: Exploring the Computer’s Network Configuration

Topic 8: Exploring User Accounts and Permissions

Topic 9: Adding and Configuring Local Computer Accounts

Topic 10: About Least Privilege and Administrative Privilege

Module 2: Configuring and Troubleshooting Peripherals and Software

Topic 1: Adjusting Regional Settings and Available Languages

Topic 2: Adding Keyboards and Mice

Topic 3: Working with Removable Storage

Topic 4: An Important Note about 64 bit Software

Topic 5: Installing and Removing Software

Topic 6: Software Troubleshooting Tools

Topic 7: Working with Files and File Systems

Topic 8: Adding and Removing Hardware

Topic 9: A Few Useful Troubleshooting Tools

Module 3: Configuring the Network

Topic 1: Exploring the Network and Sharing Center

Topic 2: Configuring Network Devices

Topic 3: Working with Adapters

Topic 4: Creating and Working with Connections

Topic 5: Working with Connection Types

Topic 6: Configuring and Understanding IP Settings

Topic 7: Securing Internet Explorer

Topic 8: Working with Zones and Security Settings

Topic 9: A Few Useful Troubleshooting Tools

Module 4: Configuring Network Components

Topic 1: About Windows 7 and Domain Functionality

Topic 2: Joining a Windows Domain: User and Computer

Topic 3: Adding and Configuring Network Printers

Topic 4: Working with Files and Permissions

Topic 5: Determining Effective Policy

Topic 6: Connecting to Remote File Systems

Topic 7: Connecting to Server Applications: SQL Server and SharePoint

Topic 8: A Few Useful Troubleshooting Tools

Module 5: Windows 7 Advanced Security

Topic 1: Understanding Windows Domains

Topic 2: Creating and Working with Domain User Accounts

Topic 3: Creating and Working with Domain Groups

Topic 4: Managing Password Expiration and Strength

Topic 5: About Securing Resources

Topic 6: An Introduction to Group Policy

Topic 7: Managing Windows Firewall

Topic 8: Managing Virus Prevention

Topic 9: Protecting the Windows 7 Operating System

Module 6: From Theory to Practice: A Troubleshooting Lab for Experienced Technicians

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