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Windows 10 Training

Our instructor did a truly excellent job of conveying the material. Our students were already familiar with the technology and moved through the material quickly. I was especially impressed with the ability of the instructor to go "off course" and provide extra material on-the-fly at our request. They did an amazing job. Very friendly, very knowledgeable with excellent teaching skills.
Comment from OSFI

1. Title

  • Windows 10 Administration and Configuration: The New World (WIN8PRO, 4 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Previous experience in an system administration role

3. Target Audience

  • Professional administrators who need to understand Windows 10 and its new features

4. Dates and Pricing

Sep 26 to Sep 29, 2017$2,775.00/person
Dec 5 to Dec 8, 2017$2,775.00/person

5. Outline

Module 1: Introducing Windows 10

Topic 1: The Windows 10 Interface: Desktop and Mobile

Topic 2: Working with Windows to Go

Topic 3: Accessing the Control Panel

Topic 4: Working with Computer Settings

Topic 5: Working with the Display

Topic 6: Working with Files: File Explorer

Topic 7: Working with Disks and Disk Formats

Topic 8: Working with the Task Manager

Topic 9: Understanding and Managing Security

Topic 10: Managing Network Connections

Topic 11: Managing Mobility Options

Topic 12: Managing Accessibility Options

Topic 13: A Complete Tour of the Windows 10 Registry

Topic 14: A Complete Windows 10 Session

Module 2: Windows 10 Installation and Upgrade

Topic 1: Windows 10 Editions and Platforms

Topic 2: Installation and Upgrade Options

Topic 3: Evaluating Hardware Readiness and Compatibility

Topic 4: Evaluating Software Compatibility

Topic 5: Planning the Installation/Upgrade

Topic 6: Managing User Data during an Upgrade

Topic 7: Working with Answer Files

Topic 8: Building the Image: Online and Offline Image Creation

Topic 9: Preparing the Image: Using sysprep

Module 3: Configuring Hardware and Applications

Topic 1: Exploring Computer Devices

Topic 2: Configuring Devices and Device Drivers

Topic 3: More on Device Driver Management

Topic 4: About Software Compatibility Modes

Topic 5: Managing Software Compatibility

Topic 6: An Introduction to App-V

Topic 7: Introduction to Windows Store

Topic 8: Managing Windows Store

Topic 9: Managing Windows Store Applications and Data

Topic 10: Managing Local Hardware and Applications

Topic 11: Configuring Internet Explorer 10

Topic 12: Introduction to Hyper-V

Topic 13: Managing and Working with Hyper-V

Module 4: Network Connectivity

Topic 1: Planning IPv4 Networks: Addresses and Services

Topic 2: Planning IPv6 Networks: Addresses and Services

Topic 3: Configuring Network Adapters

Topic 4: Managing Connections

Topic 5: Working with Windows Firewall

Topic 6: Working with Windows Defender

Topic 7: Configuring Security Rules

Topic 8: Working with Wireless Networks

Topic 9: Planning Remote Management

Topic 10: Implementing and Working with Remote Management Capabilities

Topic 11: Managing Remote Connections

Module 5: Resource Access

Topic 1: Configuring Shared Resources: Files and Printers

Topic 2: Working with File Libraries

Topic 3: About SkyDrive

Topic 4: Working with Near Field Communications (NFC)

Topic 5: Setting File and Folder Access

Topic 6: Configuring Auditing

Topic 7: Working with Encryption

Topic 8: Working with the Local Security Policy

Topic 9: Mastering User Account Control (UAC)

Topic 10: About Secure Boot

Topic 11: Mastering Authentication and Authorization

Module 6: Managing Windows Client Workstations

Topic 1: Configuring and Managing Windows Update

Topic 2: Managing Local Storage: Volumes and Files

Topic 3: About File Indexing and Searching

Topic 4: Managing Logs and Event Subscriptions

Topic 5: Mastering the Task Manager

Topic 6: Mastering Performance Monitor

Topic 7: Other Performance Tuning Tools and Techniques

Module 7: Configuring Backup and Recovery

Topic 1: Configuring Backups and Backup Schedules

Topic 2: Understanding and Configuring System Recovery Options

Topic 3: Understanding and Configuring File Recovery Options

Topic 4: Troubleshooting Techniques and Tools

Module 8: A Complete Troubleshooting Lab for Windows 10

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