An Introduction to Wise Package Studio for IT Professionals
(WISEPS, Live Instructor-Led Training, 2 days)


This SETC certified course introduces participants to the rich functionality of Wise package studio as it applies to enterprise applications deployments. Every aspect of the application packaging process is included from basic MSI concepts to advanced deployment and packaging features. If you want to use Wise package studio to plan and implement application deployments in your organization, this is the course for you.

Dates and Pricing

Jan 8 to Jan 9, 2018$1,150/person Feb 5 to Feb 6, 2018$1,150/person Mar 5 to Mar 6, 2018$1,150/person


Introduction to Wise Package Studio
Understanding Software Installation Processes
Overview of Windows Installer
Getting Started with Wise Package Studio
Creating a Simple Installer
Creating Installers
Project Servertup
Add Files
Registering Components
Registry Keys
Windows Installer Editor
Editing the Setup Project
Versioning the Setup
Building Dependencies
Working with SetupCapture
Understanding SetupCapture
Creating Before and After Snapshots
Including Registry Keys
Validation the Installation Package
Performing Test Setup
Using Test Expert
Overview of Test Expert
Starting Test Expert
Performing Test
Review Test Results
Using Software Manager
Overview of Software Manager
Importing Packages into Software Manager
Resolving Conflicts
Removing a Package
Change Management
Understanding the Change Management Plan
Creating a Version Plan
Installing New Versions
Dealing with Conflicts