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I am enjoying the ability to control the guide and therefore streamline my queries... beyond that the classroom is set up well, the instructor does a good job of identifying weaknesses in understanding and elaborating further.
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1. Title

  • Advanced WebLogic® Performance Tuning and Optimization (WLADVC, 3 days)
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2. Course Pre-requisites

  • Previous WebLogic experience

3. Target Audience

  • System administrators who want to learn how to manage production WebLogic servers

4. Dates and Pricing

Jun 19 to Jun 21, 2017$3,350.00/person
Oct 11 to Oct 13, 2017$3,350.00/person
Dec 4 to Dec 6, 2017$3,350.00/person

5. Outline

Module 1: WebLogic Architecture

Topic 1: WebLogic Components

Topic 2: Understanding Domains: Dos and Don'ts

Topic 3: Best Practices for Domain Management and Configuration

Topic 4: A Complete Tour of WebLogic and its Configuration Elements

Topic 5: Best Practices for WebLogic Configuration

Module 2: Monitoring WebLogic Server Instances

Topic 1: About the WEBLOGIC Diagnostic Framework

Topic 2: Using the WEBLOGIC Diagnostic Framework

Topic 3: Monitoring WebLogic Server with the Console

Topic 4: Monitoring WebLogic Server with WEBLOGICST

Topic 5: WebLogic Log Services: Concepts and Configuration

Topic 6: WebLogic Log Services: Viewing and Acting on Log Messages

Topic 7: Managing Logs throughout the Enterprise

Module 3: WebLogic Troubleshooting

Topic 1: Understanding Thread Dumps

Topic 2: Collecting a JRockit Thread Dump

Topic 3: Understanding and Working with Java Thread Crashes

Topic 4: Generating Logs for Troubleshooting

Topic 5: Implementing Automatic Logging

Topic 6: Dealing with Out of Memory Errors

Module 4: WebLogic Security

Topic 1: Security Basics

Topic 2: Managing Security Realms

Topic 3: Users, Groups, Roles and Security Policies

Topic 4: Applied Security Models for JEE Applications

Topic 5: Configuring Domain Security

Topic 6: Security Best Practices

Module 5: WebLogic Performance Tuning

Topic 1: Guidelines for Performance Tuning

Topic 2: The Tools of the Trade

Topic 3: Tuning the JVM

Topic 4: Tuning Messaging Applications

Topic 5: Tuning Applications and Sessions

Topic 6: Tuning Data Sources and Transactions

Topic 7: Best Practices of Performance Tuning

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