An Introduction to Wireless Networking
(WLINTR, Live Instructor-Led Training, 2 days)


This SETC Certified course introduces the concepts and features of a wireless network environment. The topics that are covered include the configuration of IP addresses, the impact and usage of wireless technologies, and wireless securing. This course provides a thorough overview of the planning and implementation of wireless technologies in a corporate network.

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Internet Protocol (IP) Technologies
Internet Protocols Overview
The OSI Reference Model
The Core IP Protocol
IP Addressing
IP Routing Protocols Transport Mechanisms
Internet Protocol Summary References
A Note on IPV6
Wireless Technologies
Wireless Data Networking Overview
Introduction to Wireless LAN Technology
Wireless Physical Hardware/Equipment
Wireless Standards Bodies
802.11 Wireless Standards Technologies
Wireless Networking Transmission Layers
Wireless Network Architecture
Wireless Network/LAN Types
Wireless Security, Authentication Encryption
Wireless Wide-Area Networks (1G-5G)
Third Generation/3G WWAN Communications
Spread Spectrum Wireless Networks: WLANs/WPANs/WMANs/WWANs
Building Windows 2000 Wireless Networks
Implementing the Network
Planning the Networks
Implementing Support Servers: DHCP and DNS
Connecting the Routers
Configuring the Interfaces
Configuring Wireless Access
Configuring the Router IP Address
Adding Routing Table Entries
Enabling and Configuring the DHCP Server
Securing the Wireless Network
Setting User names and passwords
Security Protocol Overview
A Note on Key Length and Key Values
About WEP Security
About WPA Security
Security Configuration Options
Connecting an XP Client
Connecting a Vista Client