Microsoft Word Level 1: Mastering Text, Tables, Styles and Formatting
(WORDBAS, Live Instructor-Led Training, 2 days)

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Introduction to Microsoft Word
All about Microsoft Word: Documents, Paragraphs and Characters
Documents, Paragraphs and Characters
The Importance of Styles
Setting up the Page
Working with Cut, Copy and Paste
Working with Multiple Items
A Few Useful Keyboard Shortcuts
Setting Document Information
Saving and Opening Documents
Printing a Document
Exercise: Working with Documents
Working with Text
Working with Text and Paragraphs
Formatting Characters: Font, Size, Weight and More
Formatting Paragraphs: Spacing, Alignment and More
About Indentation: Paragraph Indents and Hanging Indents
Working with Tabs
Creating Bulleted Lists
Creating Numbered Lists
Working with the Format Painter
Exercise: Formatting Document Text
Working with Tables
Creating Tables
Working with Cells, Rows and Columns
Adjusting Row Height and Column Width
Working with Horizontal and Vertical Text Alignment
Formatting Cells: Borders and Fill Patterns
Formatting Cells: Displaying Dates and Numerical Formats
Splitting and Merging Cells
Formatting Tables: Setting Header Rows and Columns
Formatting Tables: Controlling Text Wrap Behaviour
Adding Calculated Fields to a Table
Importing Excel Tables into Microsoft Word
Exercise: Creating Professional Tables
Sections and Page Setup
About Sections: Overview and Use
About Sections and Document Setup
Setting Paper Attributes
Working with Gutters
Setting Document-Section Margins
Setting First Page and Even-Odd Page Behaviour
Setting Headers and Footers
Understanding Section Breaks
Browsing Sections
Exercise: Creating Sections and Fine Tuning the Document Layout
Working with Styles
The Importance of Styles
Learning What Styles to Use
Planning your Document: Character and Paragraph Styles
Creating Supporting Styles
Assigning Keyboard Shortcuts
Using Styles Consistently
Modifying Styles
Updating the Entire Document
Exercise: Creating a Style Based Document