Microsoft Word Level 2: Mastering Styles, References, Objects and Macros
(WORDPRO, Live Instructor-Led Training, 2 days)

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Working with Styles
The Importance of Styles
Learning What Styles to Use
Planning your Document: Character and Paragraph Styles
Creating Supporting Styles
Assigning Keyboard Shortcuts
Using Styles Consistently
Modifying Styles
Updating the Entire Document
Exercise: Creating a Style Based Document
Working with objects
Introduction to Objects in Microsoft Word
A Note on Object Linking
About Object Pinning
Managing Object Text Wrapping
Working with Clip Art Images
Working with Graphical Elements
Working with External Documents
Working with Excel and-or Access Data
Working with Smart Art
Exercise: Creating a Presentation using External Data
Text References
About Text Citations and References
Making Use of Bookmarks
Adding Footnotes and Endnotes
Working with Captions
Adding Cross-References
Managing Captions and Bookmarks
Exercise: Working with Captions and Cross-references
Document References
The Document Referencing Features of Word
Setting up the Document for Automatic Generation
Creating and Formatting a Table of Contents
Creating and Formatting a Table of Figures/Tables etc.
Creating and Formatting Indexes
Exercise: Creating a Table of Contents and Table of Indexes
Creating Custom Fields
Introduction to Fields
Working with Date and Time Fields
Working with Document Information Fields
Working with Numbering Fields
Custom Field Formats
Creating Custom Fields
Exercise: Using Fields to Polish a Document
Introduction to Macros
Showing the Developer Tab
Understanding the Structure of a Macro
Creating a Custom Function for Word
Iterating through all Paragraphs
Creating a Simple Macro
Exercise: Creating a Simple Macro