An Introduction to z/OS and Mainframe Programming for IT Professionals
(ZOSPROG, Live Instructor-Led Training, 4 days)

Dates and Pricing

Jan 16 to Jan 19, 2018$3,000/person Feb 13 to Feb 16, 2018$3,000/person Mar 13 to Mar 16, 2018$3,000/person


Application design for z/OS and Mainframe
Review of Z/OS Architecture
Designing an Application for z/OS
Overview of the Application Development Lifecycle
Tools for Application Development on z/OS and Mainframe
About Development and Production Environments
Programming Languages and z/OS on the Mainframe
Programming Languages Choices
About the z/OS Environment
About using Assembler
About using COBOL
About the HLL Relationship between JCL and Program Files
About using PL/I
About using C/C++
About using Java
About using CLIST
About using REXX
A Few Common Programming Tasks
Working with Variables
Controlling Program Flow
Working with Strings
Creating and Working with Procedures
Dealing with Errors
Producing Output
Receiving Input
Reading and Writing with Files
Reading and Writing with Databases
Reading and Writing from the Network
Compilation and Link-Editing
Source, Object and Load Modules
Understanding Source Libraries
About Program Compilation
Creating Load Modules
About Compilation and Execution
About Working with Procedures
A Complete Application Development Lab
Students will write, test and deploy an application for z/OS