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This SETC Certified Business Analysis course provides business professionals with a good overview of the end to end roles and responsibilities of a business analyst in the context of an application development project. The course begins with a discussion of the differences between a waterfall methodology and an iterative methodology as it applies to the business analyst role. It is worth noting that the iterative methodology is emphasized and discussed in detail in this course. Having situated business analysis within the larger context of the overarching methodology, a thorough discussion of information gathering techniques, business use case development and the role of the business use case is undertaken. The focus is on the development of high quality business use case documents in support of an organization’s systems development activities. This is followed by a detailed study of the use of UML in support of application development activities. The course concludes with a brief discussion of the testing and the change management disciplines and of their relationship to business use cases. Custom training course titled Business Analysis for IT Professionals that will allow you to hone your professional skills.

Jan 23 to Jan 26, 2018$2,775/person Feb 20 to Feb 23, 2018$2,775/person Mar 20 to Mar 23, 2018$2,775/person
Custom training course titled Microsoft Excel Level 2: Mastering Data Analysis and Presentation that will allow you to hone your professional skills.

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This SETC certified course provides business participants with the skills they need to organize, analyze, validate and present corporate data using Microsoft Excel. Starting with the essential concepts of data layout in Microsoft Excel, the course introduces participants to the use of both basic and advanced functions. This is following by a detailed discussion of PivotTables, chart development and a comprehensive introduction to Macro development. If you need to use Microsoft Excel to analyze data, this SETC certified course will teach you the skills you need. SETC Training - Formation SETC provides advanced Microsoft Excel training in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Quebec and Calgary. Custom training course titled Intermediate Microsoft Excel for Business Users that will allow you to hone your professional skills.

Nov 30 to Dec 1, 2017$1,150/person