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This intense SETC certified course is a complete training program for developers who need to start developing for Java Enterprise Edition. For the next ten days, the developer is introduced to a variety of application servers and the foundations of JEE. Individual JEE modules are introduced in a natural, sequential fashion, starting with JNDI and moving up to MBeans. Exercises are provided along the way permitting the student to get hands-on experience with most facets of JEE. By the end of the course, the student will have had hands-on knowledge with JNDI, JTA, JMS, EJB (including MDB), JPA, JAAS, Servlet and JSP technology. Custom training course titled The Complete Java EE Course for Professional Developers that will allow you to hone your professional skills.

Jan 29 to Feb 7, 2018$6,600/person Feb 26 to Mar 7, 2018$6,600/person Mar 26 to Apr 4, 2018$6,600/person