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This SETC certified course covers every aspect of GRAILS based application development. The course begins with the installation and configuration of the GRAILS environment. This if followed by a detailed discussion of the Groovy development language including the Groovy web layer, GSP pages and tags as well as the development of Filters and GSP custom tags. The course concludes with an exploration of Groovy ORM, persistence, validation and URL mapping. If you want to learn how to develop GRAILS based applications, this is the SETC certified course that you need. SETC Training offers custom GRAILS training in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Quebec and Calgary. Custom training course titled GRAILS for IT Professionals that will allow you to hone your professional skills.

Jan 30 to Feb 2, 2018$3,900/person Feb 27 to Mar 2, 2018$3,900/person Mar 27 to Mar 30, 2018$3,900/person
This SETC Certified Course introduces participants to the exciting world of IPv6 networking. Beginning with an introduction to IPv6 addressing fundamentals, the course proceeds to a complete exploration of the IPv6 protocol from design to a full corporate implementation. Every aspect of the IPv6 protocol stack is discussed including stateless and stateful autcoconfiguration, upper layer protocol modifications, routing protocols and migration strategies. If time permits, an overview of IPv6 mobile technologies completes the course. If you are investigating an IPv6 migration for your corporate network and you have limited knowledge of IPv6 technologies, this hands-on course is for you. Custom training course titled A Complete Introduction to IP V6 that will allow you to hone your professional skills.

Jan 23 to Jan 26, 2018$2,775/person Feb 20 to Feb 23, 2018$2,775/person Mar 20 to Mar 23, 2018$2,775/person