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The TFS courses at SETC Training Ottawa teach you about full lifecycle management with TFS from application development to automated build, test & deployment. For developers, our training includes source code control, git repositories, branching & merging, push - pull - merge & fetch operations, pull requests & more. If you are a TFS administrator, installation and configuration, security, SCRUM & work item tracking, disaster recovery, tolerance & build automation are taught. SETC Training TFS courses allow you to work with production code while using TFS templates, customization, projects, tasks, workflows, builds, tests and deployments. The TFS Training courses at SETC Training are practical and hands-on and feature an experienced in-class instructor and a 50:50 theory to practice ratio.

Course List

May 28 - 31, 2019$2,775.00Jun 4 - 7, 2019$2,775.00

Course Locations

  • Ottawa

  • Montreal

  • Toronto