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Leadership & Management Services Description

SETC Training provides high quality leadership & management training classes that are concrete and practical. SETC training courses cover a variety of business management disciplines including traditional and agile project management, business analysis, process engineering, IT service management, risk management, change management and financial management amongst others. Whether you want to learn about requirements identification, use case development, advanced business process modeling or how to apply modern management techniques to optimize your operations, SETC Training can help you become a better leader and manager. Learn skills that allow you to solve complex problems, manage difficult situations, lead focus groups and change initiatives, manage projects with agility and skill. SETC Training will help you master the art and science of proactive organizational management.

Special Offers

Register 2 people in any of our leadership & management training courses and get;
  1. Guaranteed dates with a live in-class instructor (In Ottawa or virtual)
  2. An automatic 10% discount on the individual training rate
  3. Custom training content with relevant practical exercises and a 50:50 theory to practice split
  4. Have a group of 5 people or more? You may qualify for a discount up to 85% on each additional registration.

Customer Comments

I really enjoyed the course especially the team work, discussions and exercises were actually fun to do ! Great Course! Great Instructor ! (ESDC)
I particularly enjoyed the approach that our instructor used to deliver the course. It was a lot of discussion and sharing of knowledge rather than going through a PowerPoint presentation. This was really refreshing. (Ontario Government)

SCRUM Training

Our Ottawa SCRUM training courses teach you to manage software development projects using SCRUM. Our training courses cover SCRUM basics including sprints, the product backlog, user stories, technical debt & more. Product owners learn to write requirements & user stories, how to create & manage the product backlog and how to identify & interact with key stakeholders. SCRUM masters learn to excel as servile leaders as they learn how to support development teams & product owners through the entire SCRUM lifecycle. SCRUM Development teams learn how to define & develop sprintable PBIs and how to execute a sprint from sprint planning to the sprint retrospective.
The insrtuctor did a fantastic job presenting the information and not just reading slides. She had great examples and was able to use real world examples to explain the concepts. Thank you.

Agile Training

Our Ottawa Agile training courses teach Product Owners, Scrum Masters and Development Teams how to manage the product backlog and the entire software development lifecycle using agile SCRUM. Product owners learn to leverage agile SCRUM to effectively groom the product backlog & increase stakeholder involvement. Scrum masters learn how to be servile leaders through guidance & effective management. Development teams are trained on the use of the product backlog to identify sprintable PBIs as inputs to sprint planning & sprint execution. Many other concepts are covered during the training including sprint review, sprint retrospective, planning poker, technical debt & more.
Nice working environment with snacks and coffee included. The instructor was very engaged and knew her stuff very well.

Change Management Training

Our Ottawa Change Management training courses teach you how to plan for, implement and manage organizational change. You learn about feasibility analysis, as-is process design, and to-be process planning & implementation. SETC training leverages theory and practice to teach you all about managing people and processes so as to facilitate organizational change on macro and micro levels.
Very good training session. The instructor did a great job of explaining how to best implement change within a corporate structure.

Process Management Training

Our Ottawa Process Management training courses teach you how to design and implement corporate processes. Our training includes as-is process analysis & to-be process design and implementation. Our courses cover essential business analysis, change management and process design concepts. The SETC Training process management courses give you tools and techniques that help you manage people & organizations as you move towards repeatable processes.
I learned a lot of important topics which will be very useful for my future career advancement. This particular course covered broad range of topics that I need to do my job well. The classroom was very clean, neat and the instructor was very helpful and knowledgeable.

Finance Training

Our Ottawa Finance training courses cover everything from basic financial concepts to advanced qualitative and quantitative financial analysis techniques. Our foundation level finance courses focus on basic financial terminology and constructs. These include such elements as interest rate, discount rate, supply and demand, IRR, NPV, PV, FV and payback period. We discuss money management with the objective of allowing managers to develop effective capital allocation and management strategies.
The instructor had a way of explaining complex financial concepts using simple and easy to understand language. I learned a lot.

Project Management Training

Our Ottawa Project Management training courses teach you how to apply theory to practice from Project initiation to project closure. Our training includes writing a business case, project charter & project plan, the creation of a WBS, and the creation of a critical path. Time Management, Risk Management and Financial management are discussed in depth. SETC Training project management courses also discuss team building, problem solving and decision making.
The training was particularly valuable and easy to follow and retain as it was well grounded in my actual work environment, processes and priorities. The trainer was an experienced and effective leader as well as facilitator.

Risk Management Training

Our Ottawa Risk Management training courses provide a comprehensive investigation of the risk management practice. Starting with the basic principles of risk, SETC Training courses explores the risk assessment process and its many techniques. Included in the discussion are topics such as risk typing and identification, risk management planning, barriers analysis, causal analysis, human reliability analysis & more. Risk processes are emphasized in all of SETC Training's risk management training.
The course was enlightening and provided lots of useful and tangible information that I can take back to work. Thank you!

DevOps Training

Our Ottawa DevOps training courses teach you to apply agile principles to IT operations. Our training courses cover every aspect of DevOps including underlying principles, agile management methods, process management, repository design, continuous integration and communication strategies. Your DevOps journey will include Docker, Maven, Jenkins, Git, TDD & more.
I feel like I can now begin the process of actually using DevOps in the real world. It was good!

Leadership Training

Our Ottawa Leadership training courses help mould you into a leader that people respect & want to follow. Our training includes tools & techniques for effective problem solving, decision making, data analysis, staff management, financial management, skills development, performance measurement & more. We teach you a process based approach that will help you become the inspirational leader that every organization seeks.
The instructor is excellent, kept us engaged, attentive and interested.

Entrepreneurship Training

Our Ottawa Entrepreneurship training courses teach you how to start a new business and how to streamline the operations of an existing business. Our training covers the development of a business plan, financial management, digital marketing & sales, basic accounting & more. Our entrepreneurship courses also teach you how to manage employees and vendors and how to manage your time to ensure business success.
Off I go to start my business. Its scary bu this course will definitely help me to get started on the right track.