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Servers & Networks Services Description

SETC Training Ottawa server and network training courses cover Windows Server, Linux, VMWare, Hyper-V, Oracle, SQL Server, Cisco, Apache, IIS, SharePoint, BizTalk & more. SETC Training offers complete operating system courses for Windows Server and Linux (Red Hat, CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, Kali & more). Our training solutions also include server virtualization (VMWare & Hyper-V), relational databases (Oracle, MySQL, DB2 & SQL Server), network deployment & monitoring (SCOM & SCCM) and network design configuration (Ipv4, IPv6, Cisco, QoS, VOIP & more).

Special Offers

Register 2 people in any of our servers & networks training courses and get;
  1. Guaranteed dates with a live in-class instructor (In Ottawa or virtual)
  2. An automatic 10% discount on the individual training rate
  3. Custom training content with relevant practical exercises and a 50:50 theory to practice split
  4. Have a group of 5 people or more? You may qualify for a discount up to 85% on each additional registration.

Customer Comments

I enjoyed the excellent training I received which provided me with the foundation to monitor our server - the trainer was very informative and patient throughout the whole training. I benefited from him very much and the facilities were excellent! (Kivuto Solutions)
I really enjoyed the style of teaching in that it was interactive and the teacher taught the material by providing concrete examples as we went. There was no reading from reference material and it was never uninteresting or difficult to follow. This course has given me a lot of valuable information moving forward with our various projects. Thank you. (CAS-SAJ)

Linux Training

Our Ottawa LINUX training courses offer you the chance to master the LINUX distribution of your choice: RedHat, CentOS, SUSE, UBuntu, Oracle, etc.. SETC training includes security, basic & advanced shell commands, NDS, DNS, Samba, disk partitions, LVM, the boot process & more. You learn how to use the tools of the trade to deploy, secure, manage and troubleshoot Linux servers & networks.
It went very well, I enjoyed most of the topics, specifically embedded and security.

Server 2016 Training

Our Ottawa Server 2016 training courses teach you how to implement Windows Server 2016 in a corporate environment. SETC training includes Active Directory Domains & Forests, Networking Configuration, Group Policies, Advanced Firewall, DNS, DHCP, IIS & more. Our more advanced courses discuss Active Directory design, Nano Servers, WIndows Azure, SCCM & SCOM, Hyper-V, App-V & more.
This was a great training course that gave us a lot of useful information about powershell scripting and great added utilities.

IT Security Training

Our Ottawa IT Security training courses teach you to design and build a complete security solution while you contemplate potential vulnerabilities and threats. You learn about implementing a robust security infrastructure using commercial grade equipment, how to implement a complete IDS, how to plan and implement a robust corporate firewall solution, and how to plan and implement a security policy in a multi-service network. Our IT security training includes the tools of the trade to deploy, secure, manage and troubleshoot security solutions.
Appreciated the on-the-fly modification of the course catering to the higher skill and knowledge levels in the class Instructor took the time to develop additional exercises in relation to feedback of interested topics of the students

SharePoint Training

Our Ottawa SharePoint training courses cover all the essential aspects of a SharePoint installation. For users, our training includes working with the user interface, lists, document libraries, collaboration features and document versioning and content approval. For site administrator, our courses teach you about SharePoint site security, permissions, list and library creation and configuration, sub-sites, document versioning and approval, page creation and customization, and site collections.
I liked that the instructor was able to answer my questions pertaining to my business scenarios. Also he was able to give us tips to better use and understand the software's capabilities.

Cloud Training

Our Ottawa cloud training courses teach you all of the skills that you need to bring critical business services into the cloud. SETC training covers every aspect of could-based computing including design & architecture, security and operations. SETC Training can help you build a scalable cloud infrastructure on Windows or Linux using a variety of technologies: Microsoft Azure, Docker, Maven, Jenkins, Git, virtualization, big data & more.
Excellent instructor with good knowledge of the course

BizTalk Training

Our Ottawa BizTalk training courses teach you how to install, manage, and tune BizTalk on enterprise servers. SETC training includes training on mailboxes, send and receive ports, pipelines, orchestrations, web service integration, Enterprise Single Sign-On (ESSO) and custom business rules. For administrators, our BizTalk training options include content on replication, clustering, performance tuning, fault tolerance and disaster recovery.
The instructor provided a good learning environment and discussed the topics in good detail. I think the course was very well structured and the exercises simulated real world applications.

Oracle Training

Our Ottawa Oracle training courses teach you to install, configure & manage an Oracle database server on Windows or Linux. SETC training includes Oracle Installation & Administration, Oracle Forms & Reports, and Oracle GRID infrastructure. The SETC Training Oracle courses will show you to implement a robust infrastructure using advanced configuration so as to achieve scalability, high availability & fault tolerance.
The instructor was very knowledgeable and went beyond the course expectations. He also explained database concepts and made sure the students understood the topics. I will definitely recommend this course to my co-workers.

SQL Server Training

Our Ottawa SQL Server training courses teach you how to install & configure SQL Server databases to offer enterprise grade database services. SETC training includes database files, filegroups, database configuration, TSQL scripting, .NET integration, SQL Server performance tuning, indexing, fault tolerance and disaster recovery. Our SQL Server courses also include SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) and SQL Server Reporting Services.
I liked the exercises they where exactly what I was looking for to learn The explanation where excellent I was very happy to be on this course.

z/OS & DB2 Training

Our Ottawa z/OS and DB2 training courses teach you how to work in a mainframe environment with z/OS & DB2. SETC training includes basic mainframe concepts, TSO & ISPF, PDS, VSAM, IDCAMS & more. Our courses also discuss JCL & Cobol programming, DB2 configuration & administration and IMS.
I enjoyed the full attention and interaction with the instructor throughout the course. Good content and attentive staff.

Windows 10 Training

Our Ottawa Windows 10 training courses teach you to deploy, secure, manage and troubleshoot Windows 10. SETC training includes installation, application tuning, security planning & implementation, user interface customization and startup troubleshooting. Our more advanced courses discuss application compatibility, security hardening, advanced troubleshooting & more
Very knowledgeable Instructor. Very funny too!

TFS Training

Our Ottawa TFS training courses teach you about full lifecycle management with TFS from application development to automated build, test & deployment. For developers, SETC training includes source code control, git repositories, branching & merging, push - pull - merge & fetch operations, pull requests & more. If you are a TFS administrator, installation and configuration, security, SCRUM & work item tracking, disaster recovery, tolerance & build automation are taught. SETC Training TFS courses allow you to work with production code while using TFS templates, customization, projects, tasks, workflows, builds, tests and deployments.
This course taught me how to create, manage and work with projects in TFS. The section on Git repositories was particularly interesting. Fun course with lots of great information.

IIS Training

Our Ottawa IIS training courses teach you to implement a robust IIS web server that can host multiple corporate web applications. SETC training includes IIS server planning, site configuration, shared configuration, web site security, application pools & more. You learn to deploy, secure, manage and troubleshoot web applications on IIS server. Our more advanced courses discuss web farm design & implementation, fault tolerance, disaster recovery and .NET integration.
The best hands-on training I ever had

IPv6 Training

Our Ottawa IPv6 training courses teach you all about IPv6 addressing & services. SETC training includes a complete discussion of basic IPv6 address concepts together with key IPv6 routing protocols including RIPng, OSP and BGP. You will learn about the specifics of network service implementations including DHCPv6, DNSv6, IGMPv6, ACLs, and ICMPv6. SETC Training also offers advanced courses covering topics such as IPv6 application development for Windows and Linux and an advanced IPV6 migration workshop. Y
The instructor was fabulous. He was able to answer all of my questions and the practical exercises were really helpful in understanding the concepts taught.

VOIP Training

Our Ottawa VOIP training courses teach you how to implement a robust VOIP infrastructure using commercial grade equipment. SETC training includes hardware & software considerations, general telephony, SIP, voicemail, QoS & more. Our VOIP courses also cover advanced QoS, BlackBerry servers & IPv6 implementation details. The SETC Training VOIP courses show you how to deploy, secure, manage and troubleshoot VOIP solutions. Our advanced courses discuss advanced network configuration, traffic shaping and monitoring, disaster recovery and redundancy.
Excellent pace and the course was exactly what I needed. A good basic overview.

Cisco Training

Our Ottawa Cisco training courses teach you how to implement Cisco routers, switches and security appliances within a complex corporate network. You learn how to plan and implement a corporate security policy using Cisco equipment. SETC's more advanced courses discuss security countermeasures, remote administration and configuration, advanced configuration, backup and recovery & more.
Exposed to quite a bit of topics that I was not very familiar with. Found that exciting and useful. I am better informed and prepared to have a more valuable input in terms of IT security at work. I appreciated the fact that the instructor was willing to entertain all questions and seemed very knowledgeable, no matter the topic/questions I raised.

VMWare Training

Our Ottawa VMWare training courses teach you to implement VMWare virtual servers and to tune them as a function of your corporate assets and requirements. SETC training includes implementing a robust infrastructure using VCenter and advanced configuration in support of networking, high availability, reliability and maintainability. Our courses also cover application virtualization, vMotion, Horizon & more.
Good solid course with lots of useful information on implementing VMWare enterprise services. Thank you!